Sweet Love. Yes or No?

Good Morning AshleyNicole Book fans. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the US. For those of you shopping today, be safe. I know it can get a little crazy out there.
Before I start breakfast and get back to Christmas decorating I wanted to update you on some things.
First off, I haven’t forgotten about Women’s Island. Progress is slow going with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season but it is still progress 🙂
In other writing news, I have several new stories thanks to dreamcatch writing in the mornings. That is just more future books you have to look forward to. 🙂

This brings me to my main topic of the day. I’d really love your input on love. Love stories that is. There have been many requests from family, friends, and fans for me to write romance novels. I’m not into all that erotica stuff. I enjoy the simple and deep romantic relationships. Such as holding hands, kissing, and blushing. You know, the sweet stuff.
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There are currently six love stories in my novel stash but I have yet to decide if I will publish them. They are romances without the mature content. If I do ever publish my Sweet Romance novels I’m considering publishing under a pen name because romance even without erotica is definitely set apart from my other genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Epic Fantasy.

Please Comment Your Input. I want your feedback.
1. Do you think I should publish my Sweet Romances in the future?
2. If yes to number 1, do you think I should write under a pen name?


Writer’s Retreat

When my AshleyNicole Books Facebook page reached 1k likes I was going to share a teaser from Women’s Island.  Then we had all those storms so I was delayed in posting it.  While I was without internet for those extended periods of time and then on vacation with my family I continued to work on my manuscript.  Getting lost in the world of Women’s Island I began imagining finishing it for my beta readers by the beginning of August, working every free moment to accomplish that goal.  Then yesterday one of my team asked me when I was going to share that teaser I promised…  I’ve been so wrapped up in finishing the book I forgot about the teaser.  But have no fear, I’ve got something better than a teaser now that you’ve had to wait so long.  I’ll be sending the book to my beta readers!  And then my editor!  And another round for good measure.  That means I could have Women’s Island published before October even gets here!  Fingers crossed this can be accomplished.

To keep you occupied while I’m working, I thought you might enjoy this post about Famous Writers’ Retreats.  My favorite retreat is probably “London” by George Bernard Shaw simply because that’s an ingenious way to keep people from interrupting your writing.  However my favorite location would be that of Beatrix Potter!  I love the beauty and quiet of the country side and it’s in the lake district.  Maybe one day I’ll have my own unique retreat…  Until then I’ll stick with writing where ever and when ever I can.  Now I need to stop waisting my time on blog posts and get back to writing my book 😉

Thank you everyone for your continued support!  You’re awesome!
Have a great day!
~ AshleyNicole


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Women’s Island Movie Deal

Releasing a Secret

Okay… I’ve been keeping this a secret long enough and now that fan base has exceeded my expectations I’d like to announce it officially. A screenwriter ran across my Women’s Island project and loved the story idea so much he asked to have a meeting with me, my agent, and some producers. I was so surprised, especially since the book hasn’t even been released yet but I decided it was worth going to the meeting. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


I never dreamed my writing would actually become a movie. If any of my books did, I thought it would be one of my series, but I’m glad Women’s Island will have the chance to make such an impact. Most of the casting has already been completed and the script is going through edits as we speak. The movie will come to theaters Fall 2015! I’m so excited!
Thank you all for your support. I hope you will love the movie as long as the book. I better get to bed. I have a production meeting in the morning.
women's island movie poster


It would be awesome if my novel Women’s Island gets a movie deal but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

***Disclaimer – I do not own the images used to make this movie poster and the actors did not consent to play a part in the movie. It was simply for April Fools Day purposes.***



Women’s Island is getting closer to being publication ready.  In the meantime I recently got in the Cavern Dweller bookmarks and can now take orders from those of you who would like to buy t-shirts and/or autographed bookmark sets.  For more information on buying Women’s Island products, send me a message by clicking the “Contact” tab from the menu at the top.

imPRESSive Update

This idea of imPRESSive came from a similar documentary appearing on YouTube called Becoming YouTube, which talked about YouTubers and the different elements of YouTube. So, I thought that I would start a documentary blogumentary about WordPress, and the different elements it involves and provides.  You’ll find me quoted once in each episode so be sure to check it out 🙂

Webisode One – Blog Names and URLs
So basically, blog names and URL’s are usually quicker to make and helpful in the long term if they have a personal connection. For example, mine derives from the fact that I love psychology and thought – provoking things, and some can come from some small things in people’s lives. But with people using pseudonyms rather than their actual names, but why is this the case?
“Just like book titles, a blog name needs to catch the readers attention, intrigue them, make them come visit your page. And a URL needs to be easy to remember and spell so access to the site isn’t difficult.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Two – The Blogger Persona
What should the perfect blogger blog about?
“I personally enjoy blog posts about book reviews, giveaways, fiction stories, and survivor stories but I think everyone is different. But you can count on one thing for sure. As long as you are writing about what you love, there will be someone who loves to read it.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Three – Stats and Attracting Views
Do you consider yourself “stat-obsessed”?
“I look at my stats every now and then out of curiosity, wondering where in the world my page has been viewed but other than that, no.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Four – Blog Conferences – Where Are They?
Have you ever heard of WordCamp conference by WordPress?
“Nope, but I’ll look it up later now that you brought it up.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Five – Akismet and Spammers
Why are spammers common on WordPress, and why do you rarely see them on Blogger and other famous blogging sites?
“Honestly, I don’t think they are more common. I’ve tried several different blog site and WordPress is by far my favorite. My twitter on the other hand, that gets a lot of spam!”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Six – Freshly Pressed
Have you ever been Freshly Pressed and would it make you feel more pressure to reach your readers expectations?
“No I haven’t but if I ever am, I would probably take more time editing my posts than I do now.”-AshleyNicole Books


Have a great April everyone!

2013 Hopefuls


Like the original image on DeviantART

2013 Hopefuls
Created by M.S. Fowle
A great idea that I wanted to try too.  Thank you M.S. Fowle for posting this.

“For this New Year I am not making resolutions. I don’t believe I’ve ever made a resolution before. They just feel like promises I won’t keep or will eventually forget. So, for 2013, I will be making Hopefuls for this year. It feels like a lot less pressure, if you ask me. I’m still setting goals for myself, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve one thing or another.” ~ 2013 Hopefuls & The Coffee Quiz


My Hopefuls for 2013

 1.    Publish Women’s Island.  Obviously I really want this to happen and I am pretty sure it will.  I just have to work really hard, and hope I get enough time to finish it.  Still, a year is quite reasonable, so I’m not too worried about this hopeful not happening.

2.    Reach 600 Downloads.  Last year I reached 583 downloads for The Blind Lily on Smashwords.  So this year, for Women’s Island, I want to reach 600 downloads.  I think with enough social media promoting I can make it.  Plus Women’s Island will be professionally edited and my cover artist did and amazing job!

3.    Finish My Secret Project.  I have a project I am working on for fans of The Blind Lily.  I think you’ll really be excited about it once I share it with you.  I’m hoping to spread the word about it in August.  So keep a look out for news on the surprise.

4.    A Book Signing.  This hopeful is a little far fetched but I’d really love to have a book signing at a local bookstore.  If not this year, I can always move the hopeful to next year, but until January 1, 2014 arrives, I’m going to keep hoping and shooting for that goal.

5.    Have a Successful Blog Tour.  This hopeful is very vague and general.  I just hope that my blog tour for Women’s Island is fun, reaches a lot of readers, and helps build my audience.  If those three things are met, I’ll consider it a success.

6.    Print Women’s Island.  Once Women’s Island is published in eBook, it shouldn’t be too difficult to publish in paperback.  The reason for this hopeful, is because my first attempt to publish a paperback book, did not go well.  It was my crash course into the self-publishing would and I don’t want that to happen again.




I’m sure I’ll come up with more as goals are met and opportunities arise, but for now, I think I’m pretty happy with my Hopefuls.  What are your Hopefuls for 2013?

Sister & Brother

Say Hello to Christian and Luke Chamberlain

Here is another character reveal image by my cover artist, Aedo Morin, with Black Raven Studios. Teaser coming soon!

Two in One




I am still writing Women’s Island and it is going to be longer than I anticipated, but I think that will make it even better.  One of my beta readers sent me her notes yesterday and gave me some great critiques.  I can’t wait to go back through the first half and make some changes for the better.



With only 4 days left to go on the Women’s Island Kickstarter Project we are just $75 away from the fundraising goal!  It’s amazing how many contributors have pledged and I couldn’t be more grateful!



The teasers are not yet finished but I wanted to share some more art from my cover artist with you.  Please enjoy these Character Reveals.  I will share the teasers with you as soon as they are ready.


“Cavern Dweller” Art by Aedo Morin


“Islander” Art by Aedo Morin




Thank you all again and good night.

Character Reveal: Ever – Forest Warrior

Character Reveal Teaser for Women’s Island

Ever – Forest Warrior


“You can’t just leave. You’ll never find the next stop without a guide.” Ever has lost control of the situation.

Mercy takes a threatening step toward the forest woman. “We made it here just fine without one. If we don’t find the place of refuge, we will just survive on our own.”

Stumbling backwards, Ever looks into the treetops for support and sure enough, more women drop to the ground. Luke screams as one of them grasps his arm and tries to take him away from his sister. Christian snatches the woman’s arm and bites down hard on her wrist forcing the woman to release her brother. They run to their mother and are too terrified to protest when Mercy lifts both of them and begins to run into the trees away from the forest women. Not knowing her way around and the added weight of her children are thoughts Mercy pushes to the back of her mind. She knows the chance of them getting away are slim to none. But if anyone wants to take her children, they will have to kill her first.

Christian and Luke hold on tightly to their mother, careful not to choke her or block her vision and trying their best to not be dead weights in her arms. Fear is wrapped around them so strongly they can’t even begin to image what might happen in the moments to come, they can’t even hope. All they can do is think of their mother, running for all of their lives, and the creepy dark forest, that no longer seems beautiful.

The forest women take to the trees, leaping great distances and covering much more distance than the vegetation allows on the ground. Still, Mercy’s speed and agile movements surprise them. She reminds Ever of a deer running from a hunter.

“Ever!” bellows one of the forest women leaping to a branch below her. “Circle around them. We will close them in and attack on the ground.”

“Don’t attack!” Ever shouts.

“They are a threat. We have to.”

Before she can protest the forest woman is gone. “Pine needles!” she chides herself and makes her way to her part of the circle as quickly as she can. When she gets there the forest women are still moving, trying to maintain the circle while keeping up with Mercy and her children.

“Now!” roars one of the women.

Ever drops to the floor and runs straight for Mercy. She gets there just before one of the others pulls a dagger from its sheathe. “Stop!” she howls. The blade slides cleanly into Ever’s arm.


Character Art by: Aedo Morin

First Round of Edits by: Cindy Davis

Women’s Island Official Announcement!

Official Announcement!

Women’s Island now has an Editor and a Digital Artist!

Cindy Davis, my editor, and Aedo Morin, my digital artist, are going to make my story professional & beautiful from cover to cover, and all the words in between.  I’m so excited to work with Cindy and Aedo on my book Women’s Island.

Coming up on the page, you will see properly edited teasers accompanied by beautiful digital art, all leading up to the book release.  Cindy is a great editor who easily found my writing strengths and weaknesses.  Working with her should be a great experience and I believe I will come out of this project a better writer.  Aedo is a great digital artist.  I have been a fan of his work for a long time and was lucky enough to win some of his art in the past.  Do you remember this image?  Looking at this image tells me Women’s Island will have a beautiful cover.

Now, I must get back to writing.  I have a lot of work to do before I send the manuscript in to Cindy.  While you’re waiting for the first teaser stop by  some of these great pages who would love your support:

The Kingdom Chronicles                                        The Abiding

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