Blog Name Change

From the beginning my blog has been titled The Artistic Persuasion.  There is even a page defining the meaning of The Artistic Persuasion.

The Artistic Persuasion – conforming to the standards of art by influence of the mind
it is something you must do, something that captivates you with a passion. You must do as you are told and follow the rules of the trade in the creative world around you. This means there are no limits. Unless your mind can not fathom past the horizon. But then you can always walk closer, look over theedge, turn and ponder through a different perspective. Expression in some way must be obtained. Even if you feel you have denied it, it some way it has seeped from your mind and made a difference. Don’t hold back, let it flow. You may be surprised by the exquisite life in the artistic persuasion.
Welcome to my blog. Here i will post randomness and methodical ideas that bounce around in my head. I may create new words, realms, images, or unimaginable existences. I may write things that come to mind while editing, painting, reading, baking, or other daily life instances. The expanse of thoughts can fill the universe and make it overflow into infinite dimensions. We shall see what i make of it. Enjoy!

However, recently, I’ve been copy and pasting my author bio a lot and designed my business cards with the term “dream-catch writer.”

Dream-catch writing is what I consider my type of writing to be.  Most of my stories come from my dreams or nightmares.  When I wake up I write down everything I can remember.  Usually I come up with a new story idea right away or think of something to add to a story already in progress.  If I don’t come up with an idea then I save it for later.  So essentially, I catch my dreams in my writing.  I’m sure many writer come up with ideas from dreams they’ve had, but I’ve never heard the term dream-catch writer before.  Maybe I am the first official Dreamcatch Writer 😉  Or, at least the first to consider myself as one.

Both titles have some meaning, and both I created on my own.  So, I’d like to get your input.  What should my blog name be?  Should I keep it the same, or should I change it?

Should my blog name be:

The Artistic Persuasion



The Dreamcatch Writer

the dreamcatch writer


Please leave your favorite in the comments 🙂
Thank you!