There are so many stories I have written, some in a drawers, others in files on my computer, and some in dusty old journals that I haven’t looked at in years.  Currently I have published three companion short stories: The Blind Lily – diary of Lily from Book One of The Gifted Series –  The Cloaked Man – life of the antagonist in Book Two of The Gifted Series – and The Deathly Vortex – a short story related to Deathly Vortex, an upcoming novel and possible series -.  As far as publishing in progress, I am working on Women’s Island, which is a dystopian society novel that will be released in September 2013.  After, I will publish The Gifted SeriesThe Deathly Vortex, and some untitled projects.  Last but most certainly not least, I want to publish The Chronicles of Carden.  It started out as a story, close to my heart, the first book I have ever written. Over time it became a world of it’s own and it is by far my favorite even though I wrote it all so long ago.  Now that my writing has matured with me I know I can make that series even greater.  So I want to save it and work hard on it to make it the series I know it can be.  Once that is published then I will venture into my desk drawers, old files, and dusty journals for further writing.  But for now… This is my writing plan as an author.  It is a lot of work and I know that I have at least 15 years (if not 20 or more) worth of writing here and I am looking forward to the adventure ❤  I hope you’ll follow it with me.

❤ AshleyNicole



The Blind Lily: A Gifted Series Companion

The Cloaked Man: A Gifted Series Companion

Deathly Dimension: A Deathly Vortex Companion


Upcoming Publication

Women’s Island

– Expected to be released this Autumn 2013 –


6 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you plan when you release your books up to 2030. Sadly to say I don’t write enough and only write short fantasy stories and inspirational poems. Good luck, I hope to read your books they sound very interesting.

    • Thank you 🙂 Finding time to write is difficult, especially when life is so busy. This is why my expected release dates often change. The main reason I have this planned list is to help encourage me to write every little chance I get. Seeing a deadline tends to be a good motivation for me.
      If you’re interested in writing a novel, I say go for it. A short-story is a great place to start. Once you have that written, write what happens before the beginning and after the ending. By then you’ll have more ideas for the middle and a plot of “the bigger picture.” Before you know it you’ll have a full length novel. If you just want to give it a go, check out my Novel Insanity Challenge tab in my menu bar at the top. There is some info there about National Novel Writing Month. Of course, feel free to ask me any questions as well about writing and I’ll give you my best advice based on my experience or lead you to another author who might be able to help.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • That’s a bit like how my Milne’s High Vampire Clan went from a small short story to a 6K work in progress. I really like ywriter for writing a novel (multiple points of view and scenes within chapters) and I can see my word count overall and for individual chapters and scenes. It is a nice piece of free software.

    • I use a mix of Evernote my ipad then I sync it to the computer version which I copy and paste into ywriter. I use ywriter for editing as it is very organised with chapters and scenes. So I finally have found the writing process that works for me.

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