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Word count for today: 1,203

I worked on another lab scene today. The detail was fun and unexpectedly broadened the plot a little. I’m looking forward to adding to the following scenes from it. Tomorrow I’ll be adding a lab scene and a cavern dweller scene to the manuscript. These two scenes I think will really add to the plot and let you get to know the characters more.  I’ll be trying to post my word count daily until I send it off to my beta readers. Try being the operative word.  For 1k Likes on my Facebook Author Page I promised you all a teaser.  So here is a mini-teaser before I get back to writing or get some sleep. Which ever comes first 😉 Enjoy!

Women’s Island Mini-Teaser

"Cryogenic Sleep" by Siamon89  source:

“Cryogenic Sleep” by Siamon89

Glass doors slide open admitting an old man with smoky gray eyes dressed in a lab coat.  Despite his advanced age his hands are steady, his eyes are sharp, and his mind is quick.  A content smile slides onto his face as he walks to the center of the room.  On the examination table his subject slumbers in a medically induced coma.  The young female, a breeder, is the ideal vessel for birthing more intelligent, stronger, and longer living men. She has been his project since she was just an embryo in her mother’s womb.  “Won’t be long now my pet.  Soon you can begin the fertilization stage.”  The doctor brushes a strand of hair away from her face, knowing he shouldn’t be attached to his projects in such a manner.  But pride in his work is an emotion he can’t push aside.  An apprentice rushes into the room, making the doctor step back, his silent adoration now disrupted.  The young man hands him glass card before dismissing himself just as quickly as he arrived.  Accepting the message a holographic missive appears in the air from congress approving his proposal for a study to cure diseases and breed the next generation of men.   It states they are so impressed with his presentation they are not only granting permission but funding as well for his female species studies.  The doctor turns back to his female subject and begins his routine vitals check with a smile on his face.  “I hold the future in my hands,” he whispers.

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Mini-teaser from Women’s Island
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New Portland

This past Thursday the Facebook fan page AshleyNicole Books exceeded the 800 fan mark!  I was going to share a teaser before dinner to celebrate the increased fan base but when I tried to get online I realized the storm knocked out our internet.  Now that it is back up I’ve decided to share the revised beginning to Women’s Island.  This isn’t the whole of the first chapter but a good teaser of it.  It’s bound to change again once it goes to the editor but I hope you’ll enjoy it.  You may notice the present year has changed from 2029 to 2035.  The reason for this is after doing some fact checking Senator Andrew Chamberlain wouldn’t have the chance to be elected until the year 2030 in the state of Maine (fictionally speaking of course *wink*) so I have altered the timeline a bit.  Thank you and I hope you all enjoy the teaser.

hydro shuttle

Rainy Night by Steve-Burg on DeviantART

Teaser from upcoming Women’s Island


Senator Andrew Chamberlain is a tall, strong man.  Everything about his appearance is a look of success.  From his serious but friendly eyes, and blonde well groomed but slightly disarrayed hair to his broad shoulders and defiant stand.  He has always commanded attention and carries the properties of a good leader.  But today, he is on his way home in New Portland from Washington, D.C. and has disturbing news to reveal to his wife.  When Andrew was elected as a senator of Maine in November of 2030 he never thought his country would fall this low.  When he began his campaign he saw his country as one technologically advancing to a world that cures cancer, solves the economic and environmental problems of the world, and justice treats everyone fairly.  The dream of being a part of the government to take his country to the next level was what drove his determination to be elected.  Now, five years later, he realizes his country is not what it seemed.  In hindsight, there were signs of society changing for the worst while technology and economy rose, but once he noticed, it was too late.  Ever since he has been fighting with his political strength, trying to open the eyes of the other men in government, but today, was the greatest failure so far.

The hydroshuttle stops, allowing Andrew off several blocks from his home.  Too lost in his thoughts, he ignores his surroundings, walking on autopilot to his home, his wife, his children, and the horrific news he must share.  The heart-wrenching plan he must put into motion.  Tonight maybe the last moments he will ever share with his family.


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Fighting Back – Women’s Island Teaser

In honor of reaching 700 likes on the AshleyNicole Books Facebook page I am sharing a teaser from Women’s Island that I hope you will enjoy 🙂

Fighting Back

teaser from upcoming novel women’s island

andrew banner

Hunched over the desk sits a man fighting a war inside, trying not to lose himself and remember what side he is really on.  His hands clench the disheveled hair atop his head, inflicting a slight of pain so he knows how to separate what is a nightmare, and what is real.  Digging his elbows into the top of his desk, Senator Andrew Chamberlain raises his head, not bothering to fix his hair at the sound of someone knocking on the door, “Enter.”

Officer Fremont comes in and quickly closes the door behind him, “We have received news of your wife.”

Andrew’s voice comes out level and monotone, “Only of my wife?”

Fremont drops his head, “It may not be her, just a woman claiming to be.”

Clenching his fists, “Where?”

“She’s in Kentucky.  No one knows which direction she came from, only that there were a lot of explosions one week before they found her.  The explosions were all near labs in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Something triggered a chemical reaction within the water pipes.”

“How were only the labs affected?  What does that have to do with my wife?”

Fremont shrugs his shoulders, “The labs that were affected ran off of their own nuclear power plants and somehow, that small difference in the water, maybe the radiation, triggered the explosive reaction.  The one lab in Kentucky managed to only have minimal damage but the others will be out of commission for a while.”  Fremont sits in a chair across from Andrew, “As for your wife, if it is her, she admitted to blowing up the facilities and demanded to see you.”

“And what would you advise?” Andrew asks, wondering why his wife would blow up labs, and where his children could possibly be.

“I would advise, you go see this woman.  And if she is your wife, find out if your children are safe.  Keep in mind; they have her at a lab.  And if you don’t want anything bed to happen, you need to get there quickly.”

Andrew jumps out of his chair, realizing what Fremont is insinuating.  “We need to go.  We need to go right now.”

“Slow down Senator.”  Fremont pulls back on Andrew’s shoulder making him realize he had been racing for the door.  “They are already getting a jet ready.  We will be there soon enough.  I promise.”

“I never thought I’d admit it, but I think I’m going to need you around for this,” Andrew says looking at the firm hand holding him in place.

Fremont suppresses a laugh, knowing Andrew is being serious, “Don’t worry.  I’ll help you keep your sanity and remind you what side you’re on.  We will protect her and your children.  There is a lot you’re going to accomplish in this war, and I’m going to be there to help you do it.”  Fremont drops his hand to his side as Andrew turns around.

“I thought you knew which side I was really on.”

Fremont laughs, “Don’t start doubting me now Andrew.  Don’t you see what it would mean, what you could do?”

“No Fremont, I don’t.  What wonderful bout of destruction do you imaging I could unleash as the leader of such a war?”  Andrew forces himself to pace the room and hear Fremont’s plan before he takes violent action.

“You could destroy the government’s power over women,” Fremont smiles mischievously.

Andrew stops in shock facing Fremont, “Come again?”

“Honestly, how did you become a senator?”  Fremont shakes his head.

“I have an intelligent wife to fill in the blanks for me,” Andrew states mournfully, worrying if she is alive and safe, or being tortured in a lab states away.

Fremont just nods and continues, “If you are the face of the war, if the government believes that you are on their side, then you can lead them away from the real path, away from the real haven of the women.”

“And how would I know if I am leading them away?” Andrew asks.

Fremont smiles, “Women are smart and strong.  They know the chances of getting caught, and when they are interrogated, they know when to give the false bust close to the truth information, so the government never finds their trail.”

Andrew shakes his head, “Cressida told me the truth when I interrogated her.”

“She told you a partial truth.  They did go through the sewers and onto a logging road, but they didn’t go north towards Canada.”  Fremont sits back down feeling that this conversation is going to be longer than he thought.

Andrew drops his head in thought and suddenly snaps it up to look at he’s only trusted friend, “That’s why Mercy blew up the labs.  So that no one would know which direction to find Luke and Christian.  The only reason she would have done that was to protect them.  And the only reason she would need to protect them is because they are safe.  My children are safe.”

teaser not yet edited
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Women’s Island Movie Deal

Releasing a Secret

Okay… I’ve been keeping this a secret long enough and now that fan base has exceeded my expectations I’d like to announce it officially. A screenwriter ran across my Women’s Island project and loved the story idea so much he asked to have a meeting with me, my agent, and some producers. I was so surprised, especially since the book hasn’t even been released yet but I decided it was worth going to the meeting. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


I never dreamed my writing would actually become a movie. If any of my books did, I thought it would be one of my series, but I’m glad Women’s Island will have the chance to make such an impact. Most of the casting has already been completed and the script is going through edits as we speak. The movie will come to theaters Fall 2015! I’m so excited!
Thank you all for your support. I hope you will love the movie as long as the book. I better get to bed. I have a production meeting in the morning.
women's island movie poster


It would be awesome if my novel Women’s Island gets a movie deal but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

***Disclaimer – I do not own the images used to make this movie poster and the actors did not consent to play a part in the movie. It was simply for April Fools Day purposes.***



Women’s Island is getting closer to being publication ready.  In the meantime I recently got in the Cavern Dweller bookmarks and can now take orders from those of you who would like to buy t-shirts and/or autographed bookmark sets.  For more information on buying Women’s Island products, send me a message by clicking the “Contact” tab from the menu at the top.

imPRESSive Update

This idea of imPRESSive came from a similar documentary appearing on YouTube called Becoming YouTube, which talked about YouTubers and the different elements of YouTube. So, I thought that I would start a documentary blogumentary about WordPress, and the different elements it involves and provides.  You’ll find me quoted once in each episode so be sure to check it out 🙂

Webisode One – Blog Names and URLs
So basically, blog names and URL’s are usually quicker to make and helpful in the long term if they have a personal connection. For example, mine derives from the fact that I love psychology and thought – provoking things, and some can come from some small things in people’s lives. But with people using pseudonyms rather than their actual names, but why is this the case?
“Just like book titles, a blog name needs to catch the readers attention, intrigue them, make them come visit your page. And a URL needs to be easy to remember and spell so access to the site isn’t difficult.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Two – The Blogger Persona
What should the perfect blogger blog about?
“I personally enjoy blog posts about book reviews, giveaways, fiction stories, and survivor stories but I think everyone is different. But you can count on one thing for sure. As long as you are writing about what you love, there will be someone who loves to read it.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Three – Stats and Attracting Views
Do you consider yourself “stat-obsessed”?
“I look at my stats every now and then out of curiosity, wondering where in the world my page has been viewed but other than that, no.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Four – Blog Conferences – Where Are They?
Have you ever heard of WordCamp conference by WordPress?
“Nope, but I’ll look it up later now that you brought it up.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Five – Akismet and Spammers
Why are spammers common on WordPress, and why do you rarely see them on Blogger and other famous blogging sites?
“Honestly, I don’t think they are more common. I’ve tried several different blog site and WordPress is by far my favorite. My twitter on the other hand, that gets a lot of spam!”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Six – Freshly Pressed
Have you ever been Freshly Pressed and would it make you feel more pressure to reach your readers expectations?
“No I haven’t but if I ever am, I would probably take more time editing my posts than I do now.”-AshleyNicole Books


Have a great April everyone!


Yesterday I was working on a Women’s Island scene where my characters are reading a news article and although they don’t have “newspapers” anymore, I decided to type up the article for fun and inspiration as if it were a newspaper.  This is just for fun and I used the image I found of Chris Evans for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop to play the part of Senator Andrew Chamberlain.  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  I put a faint watermark all over it.  So hopefully no one will think it is a real article about Chris Evans being a senator who’s children were kidnaped…  Anyway, here it is.

DISCLAIMER: The newspaper image above is not a real article.  The image of Chris Evans is not owned by or claimed by AshleyNicole Shelton, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, or any other website this newspaper image appears on.  You can find the original image of Chris Evans by clicking here or typing this into your address bar:
The rest of the image was made by AshleyNicole Shelton using Microsoft Word and basic image editing.

The Revolution TimesA just-for-fun Newspaper Article set in the world of Women's Island by AshleyNicole Shelton.

The Revolution Times
A just-for-fun Newspaper Article set in the world of Women’s Island by AshleyNicole Shelton.

Teaser from Women’s Island
(not yet edited)


Fremont pulls out a transparent, holographic card from his pocket before he begins swiping and taping away at the surface.  Finally he finds what his is looking for.  Holding the card parallel to the floor an image projects into the air above them.  It is the front page of an electronic newspaper.  Andrew’s picture is in the center while the headline reads, “Senator’s children kidnapped by wife.”

“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord” – Colossians 3:18 – There is one woman, who did not follow these wise words.  Just two short weeks ago, Mercy Chamberlain kidnapped Senator Chamberlain’s three-year-old son and six-year-old daughter, a terrible transgression punishable by death.  Since then he has be doing everything he can to get them safely back home.  He is heart broken and thirsty for justice.  After many hours of finding evidence on Women Rebels, Senator Chamberlain followed a trail, hoping to find his children and sadly the evidence has gone dry.  But he has not given up on them.  He will find them and bring the kidnapper to justice.  His assistant released a statement this morning that Senator Chamberlain has vowed, “I will not stop at finding my children.  It has come to my attention, that there have been many instances where women are kidnapping their children at the insistence of the Women Rebels.  Because of this, I will not stop, until we bring these children home safely.  I don’t know why it has stayed quiet for so long, but I will make sure, the issue is quiet no more, until the children are returned.”  Such motivating words, but he does not have to do this alone.  Help Senator Chamberlain’s cause to stop these rebellious and traitorous women.  Wives, you can start by submitting to your husbands as the Lord demands and keep your children safe at home.  Able men, go to the closest recruitment office, and help those who have been victimized to get back what is rightfully theirs.  Bring home the children, safe and sound.

ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books


Now, which side do you think Andrew is on?  Do you believe the media, or do you think Mercy knows her husband as well as she believed she once did?  I’m really getting excited about Women’s Island (more so with every word I write) and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I do.  Have a great day everyone!


My Work In Progress

I know I have kept you all waiting while I work on Women’s Island.  Life has been busy and fitting in writing time is difficult but I am managing.  Because you all have been waiting so long, I thought you might enjoy a little taste of the story and enjoy some art work.  Hope this keeps you on your toes.

Flaming Arrow by dypsomaniart on deviantART

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Women’s Island
a teaser – not yet edited – 

Filling her lungs, Mercy releases her breath and the arrow simultaneously.

Time seems to slow as the men back away from the arrow, assuming she is aiming at them, and laughing when it hits the ground.  Her breath catches, fear taking over the moment after it lands.

It didn’t…’ Her thoughts are cut off when a big explosion blasts trees, dirt, and rock at the men.  An invisible cloud seems to settle over Mercy’s ears, muffling the sounds around her before it turns into a high pitched ringing.  Feeling disoriented Mercy tries to keep moving, hoping that the hunters have been delayed enough for her escape.

Not daring to look back she gets as far away as she can before she suddenly falls through the ground in an unseen hole.  Darkness surrounds her just before she looses consciousness.

ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books

An Intermission

"Good Tidings for Christmas" by brandrificusDigital Art / Photomanipulation / People

“Good Tidings for Christmas” by brandrificus
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / People

With the busy holiday season, many of us have schedules that require every moment of our time to be planned out with hopes of enough time on the side for sleep.  Due to all the hectic craziness, I’ve decided to take an Internet Intermission.  That means I will attempt to take a break from all social media (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, deviantART, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc…) starting today and ending Wednesday morning when I post “The Next Big Thing” blog post.  Also, although it won’t be an intermission, I will not be online much between December 20th and January 4th.  There is much to prepare for Women’s Island and I only hope I can get it all done on top of everything else.  BLOGGERS!  Please don’t forget to sign up for the Women’s Island Blog Tour!

"Christmas Card" by Cecilou-chanDigital Art / Photomanipulation / Landscapes & Scenery

“Christmas Card” by Cecilou-chan
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Landscapes & Scenery

If you should happen to see me online liking a blog post, commenting on Facebook, tweeting about the cold, blogging about whatever, uploading photos, etc… please feel free to remind me that the Women’s Island abominations are watching me (see teaser below).  I do not need any distractions.  I am going to go so far as to cut off the internet to my computer and phone.  Sadly that still leaves the temptation to use my wireless cell network but I will try to avoid it.

Before I go, I’d like to share a mini teaser (not yet edited) with you all because I know I’ve kept you waiting awhile. Enjoy!

"AlterMinds: Owl" by 3DBlenderRenderDigital Art / Photomanipulation / Sci-Fi

“AlterMinds: Owl” by 3DBlenderRender
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Sci-Fi

Screeching pierces the night in a terrifying call. Being in the dark, and not knowing what is out there can be terrifying for most. Seeing the ferocious creatures making those sounds, can be even more horrific. In this part of the mountains, the later of the two is true.

A shadow, darker than the night around it, approaches the small group, wailing from above. Erie yellow light bursts from the darkness, outlining an enormous owl, disfigured and frightening. Combination of metal and feathers, the abomination dives for Mercy’s head. She ducks, using her body as a shield for Christian.

Ever doesn’t stop running, knowing Luke’s safety is her number one priority.

Mercy begins running with Christian in tow, knowing the hulking owl will return. This time however, there are three, all diving for her at once. Reaching behind her head, she wrenches something from her pack, and instinctively thrusts the object into the chest of the first creature to reach her. The owl falls to the ground, leaving a bloody dagger resting in Mercy’s hand. That’s when she realizes, “They can die.”

ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books

Happy Holidays Everyone!

First Teaser: Forest Warrior

Womens Island - Forest Warrior

Ever of Tree Stump – Forest Warrior
A Women’s Island Teaser

“You can’t just leave. You’ll never find the next stop without a guide.” Ever has lost control of the situation.

Mercy takes a threatening step toward the forest woman. “We made it here just fine without one. If we don’t find the place of refuge, we will just survive on our own.”

Stumbling backwards, Ever looks into the treetops for support and sure enough, more women drop to the ground. Luke screams as one of them grasps his arm and tries to take him away from his sister. Christian snatches the woman’s arm and bites down hard on her wrist forcing the woman to release her brother. They run to their mother and are too terrified to protest when Mercy lifts both of them and begins to run into the trees away from the forest women. Not knowing her way around and the added weight of her children are thoughts Mercy pushes to the back of her mind. She knows the chance of them getting away are slim to none. But if anyone wants to take her children, they will have to kill her first.

Christian and Luke hold on tightly to their mother, careful not to choke her or block her vision and trying their best to not be dead weights in her arms. Fear is wrapped around them so strongly they can’t even begin to image what might happen in the moments to come, they can’t even hope. All they can do is think of their mother, running for all of their lives, and the creepy dark forest, that no longer seems beautiful.

The forest women take to the trees, leaping great distances and covering much more distance than the vegetation allows on the ground. Still, Mercy’s speed and agile movements surprise them. She reminds Ever of a deer running from a hunter.

“Ever!” bellows one of the forest women leaping to a branch below her. “Circle around them. We will close them in and attack on the ground.”

“Don’t attack!” Ever shouts.

“They are a threat. We have to.”

Before she can protest the forest woman is gone. “Pine needles!” she chides herself and makes her way to her part of the circle as quickly as she can. When she gets there the forest women are still moving, trying to maintain the circle while keeping up with Mercy and her children.

“Now!” roars one of the women.

Ever drops to the floor and runs straight for Mercy. She gets there just before one of the others pulls a dagger from its sheathe. “Stop!” she howls. The blade slides cleanly into Ever’s arm.

First Round of edits by Cindy Davis
Art by Black Raven Studios