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Well so far my dream to be an author has been quite a journey.  While I have been busy with life in general and working on the Women’s Island project, my fan base has been increasing.  I have all of you to thank for your continued support through the project and spreading the word about my pages.  So thank you all so much!  Today I have over 1,800 followers across WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter.  That’s almost 2k fans!  Thank you for those who have stuck around and thank you to the new fans for following me.  I can’t wait to hear what you think about Women’s Island once it comes out ❤

With all the new recent fans, I’ve decided to create this blog post to introduce myself and maybe reintroduce my stories and website to the fans who’ve already been following.

First things first…


My website has a new look 😉  I know, I change the colors and banner a lot but I like to keep it up to date with the theme of the holiday, season, etc…  Hope you like it.

Next, I’ll share with you a little bit about myself.

AshleyNicole Books

My name is AshleyNicole Shelton.  I am a full-time mother and a part-time writer.  So far I have three free companion stories available for download.  This year you can expect to see Women’s Island, a dystopian society novel about love, family, survival, and equality, in both eBook and paperback editions.  On the side I enjoy reading, drawing, and photography.  Places I am in my element for writing are: coffee shops (even though I don’t like to drink coffee), forests, mountains, and beaches.  My favorite colors are purple & green and my favorite foods are salad & chocolate.

Ready to Start Browsing?

You may have noticed that my blog title isn’t AshleyNicole Books.  The name of my blog is actually The Artistic Persuasion while my website is AshleyNicole Books.  Click here to find out about my blog name!

Want to know about my published stories and my publishing plans for the future?  Then check out my Novels page.  And don’t forget to check out my book pages Women’s Island, The Gifted Series, and Deathly Vortex.

Are you interested in being a writer?  Check out my Novel Insanity Challenge for motivation you might find helpful or inspiring.

Looking for other authors to read and support?  I have a page titled Authors of Note that lists some of the authors who have made an impact on my journey in the writing world and also have great publications of their own.  I will be adding more to this page soon so be sure to come back again for more authors.


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Thank You!

Thank you everyone for stopping by, your support, and interest in my stories.  It really means a lot to me that you all encourage my writing.  Have a great evening/morning/afternoon!


2013 Hopefuls


Like the original image on DeviantART

2013 Hopefuls
Created by M.S. Fowle
A great idea that I wanted to try too.  Thank you M.S. Fowle for posting this.

“For this New Year I am not making resolutions. I don’t believe I’ve ever made a resolution before. They just feel like promises I won’t keep or will eventually forget. So, for 2013, I will be making Hopefuls for this year. It feels like a lot less pressure, if you ask me. I’m still setting goals for myself, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve one thing or another.” ~ 2013 Hopefuls & The Coffee Quiz


My Hopefuls for 2013

 1.    Publish Women’s Island.  Obviously I really want this to happen and I am pretty sure it will.  I just have to work really hard, and hope I get enough time to finish it.  Still, a year is quite reasonable, so I’m not too worried about this hopeful not happening.

2.    Reach 600 Downloads.  Last year I reached 583 downloads for The Blind Lily on Smashwords.  So this year, for Women’s Island, I want to reach 600 downloads.  I think with enough social media promoting I can make it.  Plus Women’s Island will be professionally edited and my cover artist did and amazing job!

3.    Finish My Secret Project.  I have a project I am working on for fans of The Blind Lily.  I think you’ll really be excited about it once I share it with you.  I’m hoping to spread the word about it in August.  So keep a look out for news on the surprise.

4.    A Book Signing.  This hopeful is a little far fetched but I’d really love to have a book signing at a local bookstore.  If not this year, I can always move the hopeful to next year, but until January 1, 2014 arrives, I’m going to keep hoping and shooting for that goal.

5.    Have a Successful Blog Tour.  This hopeful is very vague and general.  I just hope that my blog tour for Women’s Island is fun, reaches a lot of readers, and helps build my audience.  If those three things are met, I’ll consider it a success.

6.    Print Women’s Island.  Once Women’s Island is published in eBook, it shouldn’t be too difficult to publish in paperback.  The reason for this hopeful, is because my first attempt to publish a paperback book, did not go well.  It was my crash course into the self-publishing would and I don’t want that to happen again.




I’m sure I’ll come up with more as goals are met and opportunities arise, but for now, I think I’m pretty happy with my Hopefuls.  What are your Hopefuls for 2013?

Great Writing Tool — Mapping your Story

I started making a digital version of The Kingdom of Carden map. So far I’m pretty happy with it, although I love the original drawing more ❤
Map drawing is a great place to start when writing a novel. You can find mountains, rivers, volcanoes, towns, deserts, oceans, etc… So that you know where your characters are going, how long it will take them to get there, and what cataclysmic events they might experience.
For The Gifted Series I have a map for the ancestral gifted alliances. I used a world map for that and colored in the gifted territories. It's a simple one but it's a lot of help. Then for The Chronicles of Carden it is a totally different world and I had designed it very differently then our world. So it's much more detailed and creative. I love it!
Have you ever created a map of your own? If not you should give it a try. It's a lot of fun and the ideas you have may just surprise you 😉

The Blind Lily (Part Two) update:
Rewriting/editing is going pretty well. I think I'm staying on track and will hopefully have it ready for my beta readers soon ❤

Building A World…

Despite my super busy schedule and barely any time for planning I have done pretty well and I still consider myself ahead of the game. Hopefully I’ll still feel that way when June 1st gets here (fingers crossed…wait, that will make typing very difficult…) Do you remember that post? The one about that awesome website I heard about for world building? “I’m goin’ places…figuratively speaking of course” I introduced a bit of the trouble I was having with the sci-fi world. Still I admit I am not a pro, but I definitely think I am getting the hang of it and I can see Women’s Island being a success. I’m getting really excited about the JulNoWriMo challenge for this one, my first sci-fi novel. Planning is pretty much top shape for my June novel, The Stealing Wind. That one is ready to overflow but I’m holding back until June 1st. My August novel, The Unique Imitation has a lot of work still to do. I’m changing it a lot from my previous idea and deciding where I really want it to take place. I’d love for it to take place in Australia but I don’t think I have enough time to do all of that research before June 1st.

Overall though I think I am in a great place for planning. There is just under two weeks for me to finish planning. Also I have to get Part Two of The Blind Lily ready for my beta reader so he/she can look it over while I dive into my Novel Insanity Challenge. So, I have lots to do but today I am taking a day off to just enjoy family time and have a break from all the planning, editing, and writing challenges (although, I might post something for you all later…)

Don’t forget to come check out the new design for The Artistic Persuasion and browse the pages ❤

Have a good night everyone,


5 of 5 star reviews x 3 — By Jenny Bynum

Jenny Bynum posted a special feature where she reviewed all of my free downloaded works. It was such a nice surprise and I loved reading about her thoughts on my writing. She really enjoyed all three stories and I am so glad she did.

Blurbs from Jenny’s Review:

The Blind Lily: “I am extremely HUNGRY to find out more about Lily East!”

The Deathly Vortex: “A very mysterious and charming story about a guy who sees ‘dead people'”

The Cloaked Man: “Another very mysterious story about a person who loves power and will do anything to get it.”

You can check out her post here

I hope you will also check out my written works. So far my published works are all free. Enjoy!


The e-Reader House hosted a character segment for Lily and Brad from The Blind Lily <3


Today we meet two of the heros from The Gifted Series: The Blind Lily (Part One) by Ashley Nicole available in ebook from: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/146310and in paperback from:http://www.amazon.com/dp/1105148602 (UK Readers:http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1105148602 

The characters we are going to meet are Eileen Lillian East (Lily) and Bradley Trinity (Brad). In each case I’ll let them introduce themselves from their own Facebook profiles (yes – these two have their own Facebook presences). Appropriately given the title of the book, we start with Lily. 

Lily East
My name is Eileen Lillian East, but my friends call me Lily. I try to be like everyone else but being a time manipulator that can’t control my power isn’t easy. On top of that, I’m blind thanks to an untimely incident in between timezones. I lost four years of my life and now I am trying to make up for them. I’m back in school, training in self defense, and trying to live my life as normally as possible but it isn’t easy. Luckily I have Brad, my mom, and some great friends to help me get to that point.

Ashley’s view of Lily: 
Lily was easy to think of. Mostly she is written from me and life experiences I’ve been through. But there are aspects to her character that I got from other people. For example, her first name, Eileen, I wrote in memory of my grandmother. Obviously I’m not a special agent and I can’t manipulate time, all of that came out while writing and rewriting. Lily’s profile picture was made specially for me by Aedo Morin and he gave me all the rights to her image. 

You can meet Lily on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003531412715 

Brad Trinity
My name is Bradley Trinity but everyone calls me Brad. I am training to be a Navy SEAL and currently work for my father, the Head of Special Operations in a secret government facility. I have a gift but so far it isn’t strong enough to be of use, although one day I hope it can be so I can assist the government with more that just my time and effort. I can read minds, but typically what I hear is just snippets and I can only read minds of those who give off strong emotions. Recently I’ve learned how to project my thoughts or images into the minds of those I am closest to but it takes a lot of effort. .

Ashley View of Brad:
Brad is completely fictional. I did have a dream or two about a guy that I based his character on but the dream guy was also fictional. He sort of wrote himself through me. Brad knew where he wanted to go.The image of Brad was a little bit more difficult. I can’t digitally design on my own, I wish I could, so I decided to look at actors’ photos and choose one that looked similar to how I picture Brad. Since I’m not making money from the actor’s picture or publishing it in any of my work I can use it for now as long as I give Jake Gyllenhaal credit, and I do. 

You can meet Brad on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003533032656&sk=info 

Ashley’s final comments on the two: 
Lily and Brad have both definitely grown as I wrote about them. I’ve been writing this book for years, as I matured, they did too. Originally I made the Facebook profiles for Lily and Brad for a mock interview I was planing for my fans on my author page. Hopefully I can commission Aedo again once I publish book two and he can design more of my characters. 

Thanks then to all three Lily, Brad and their creator Ashley. My understanding is that we can expect Book 2 of the series in the near future (possibly July but maybe September) and a total of 6 books over the next 2-3 years – so if you’ve not read Book 1 yet – it’s definitely the time to start.

The Gifted Series has a Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/TheGiftedSeriesByAshleyNicole?ref=ts 

Ashley can be contacted on:https://www.facebook.com/ashleynicolebooks?ref=ts