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Before: The Artistic Persuasion

Last month I posted about a possible name change for my blog, originally “The Artistic Persuasion.”  After thinking about it I decided to change it… and so, I welcome you to my new and improved blog: The Dreamcatch Writer.  Why did I chose this name?  Because I am a self-proclaimed dreamcatch writer.  Below is my definition of of dreamcatch writing.


Dreamcatch writing is what I consider my type of writing to be.  Most of my stories come from my dreams or nightmares.  When I wake up I write down everything I can remember.  Usually I come up with a new story idea right away or think of something to add to a story already in progress.  If I don’t come up with an idea then I save it for later.  So essentially, I catch my dreams in my writing.  I’m sure many writers come up with ideas from dreams they’ve had, but I’ve never heard the term dreamcatch writer before.  Maybe I am the first official Dreamcatch Writer 😉 Or, at least the first to consider myself as one.

I hope you all enjoy the new look of my author site and blog.  Feel free to explore.  There will be more coming soon to my website after the publication of Women’s Island, so be sure to stop by for updates.

Pages to Check Out

Writer’s Cafe – Stop by my “Writer’s Cafe” under the “About” menu tab where you can find out more about me, my projects, and other writing related doodads and whatnots.

Novels – Want to find out where to get my free books and my upcoming publications?  Then be sure to come to my “Novels” page.

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Street Team – Interested in joining my Book Rebel Crew?  Visit the Street Team page for information on what a street team is and how to join.


Betas and Street Team!


It’s Wednesday August 7th and Women’s Island is now headed to my beta readers!  I’m going to be sending them Women’s Island in sections until we get through the full manuscript.  This makes comparing notes and making changes go more smoothly (in my opinion anyway).  Then when I am finished with the revisions it will go to my editor!!!!!  I’m so excited!  How about you?

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AshleyNicole’s Crew of Book Rebels
Book Rebels WANTED!

AshleyNicole is starting up a Street Team with members also known as Book Rebels.  If you join the crew you’ll get the chance to read her books for free in exchange for an honest review, win book swag, and get exclusive offers/insight only available to contributors and street team members.

A Street Team is a group of people that market a brand or product simply for their passion on the subject.  An author street team is a group of fans who love an author’s books and is willing to spread links on social networking sites, by word of mouth, and passing out coupons/bookmarks/etc…

What are some things a street team member might do?

  • Create and monitor a book’s Wikipedia page
  • Create and monitor a book’s Facebook fan page
  • Create and monitor a book’s Twitter fan account
  • Host giveaways, contests, or events featuring the author’s book(s)
  • Place bookmarks, postcards, or flyers in coffee shops, small book stores, libraries, and on bulletin boards anywhere for people to see.
  • Have author spotlight days on one’s book blog
  • Recommend the author’s book(s) to friends and other readers.

What do Street Team members get for their loyalty and determination to promote the author’s books?

  • Hear the earliest scoop on book related events and news
  • Receive exclusive offers and products related to AshleyNicole Shelton’s books
  • Signed Paperback Copies
  • Limited Edition Bookmarks
  • eCopies/books
  • T-shirts
  • Other awesome products

How do I become a Street Team member?

Email AshleyNicole directly at  Be sure to put “Street Team Application” in the subject box so she won’t miss it.  Include the following in your email:

  • Name, Facebook profile link, and email contact information
  • Why you will make a good addition to the Street Team
  • What street team position(s) you’re interested in

What Positions are Currently Available?

  • Content Creator – Women’s Island Facebook FanPage
  • Host – Women’s Island giveaways, contests, or events
  • Blogger – Post author spotlights and/or participate in blog tours
  • Digital Artist – Digital art for promoting Women’s Island
  • Editor – Women’s Island Wikipedia Page
  • Fact Checker – Women’s Island Wikipedia Page
  • Tweep Promoter – Women’s Island Twitter fan account
  • Newsie – Deliverer of news for all things Women’s Island
  • Poster – Place Women’s Island paper promo for people to see.
  • Stocker – Visit local libraries; request them to shelve Women’s Island
  • Loyal Fan – Recommend Women’s Island (infinite availability *wink*)

Note:  If your application is approved AshleyNicole’s will send you a request to join the Facebook group. You may be required to accept the request if you are not added to the group automatically.