My Son’s an Illustrator

Today my son (2-years-old) found his elf on a shelf, Krackle, reading his Busytown book. He wanted to read his book though. I thought a compromise was in order.
“How ’bout we make Krackle his own book. Do you want to help Mommy make a book?” I asked him.
“Yes,” he said giving Krackle a hug.

Side note: Krackle is a special elf on the shelf that loves hugs. So don’t worry, he won’t lose his Christmas magic.

My son colored four little pieces of paper, his illustrations. Then I folded the paper and stitched it into a book. Finally we added the words (I wrote them and he gave me some words to put in it) and gave it to Krackle. He seems to really enjoy it. So much he can’t stop smiling. It is titled “The Cat and the Elf” about a blue cat named Pepper and a scout elf who become friends on a rainy day.


Loving to read and spell at only the age of two, I wonder if my son will love to write as much as I do. Just incase, I don’t think it’s too early to practice making story books with him 😉 It’s fun for both of us. Plus it doubles as craft time and story time.


Do you have children who are interested in writing? Or maybe you remember writing and illustrating books as a child? How old we’re they/you when they/you wrote their/your first story? What was it called?


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