Review of The Fire’s Dawn…

 The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break
by Michael Weber
5 of 5 Stars


Book Description:

The world has sat in darkness for years, but the fires of determination are burning, waiting to be released. The sun has returned and the reign of winter is over. An ancient people are growing in strength and making preparations for the right moment to strike. That moment has come. Their leader, Festero, uses the powerful relics to help secure his twisted domain over all. But hope remains for the emergence of the rival power. Banded together in their bid to overcome the rising threat, it will take the combined effort of all to stop Festero and secure their freedom from tyranny. Who will emerge victorious? The fate of the free world rests in this struggle for power and control: will victory over Festero mean peace, or does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Join the adventure as the story unfolds…

My Review
5 of 5 Stars

“Much to my disappointment, you have all fallen victim, but much to my pleasure you all will learn a valuable lesson today.” ~ The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break by Michael Weber

In a world were the living survive in a constant winter, most have only heard stories of sunlight.  One day a group of hunters spot a break in the clouds, giving way to sunlight that hasn’t been seen in generations.  With haste, a man of the party rushes to their camp, bringing everyone to see the light of the sun. After the group arrives, a girl, Adalina, runs to the light.  She knows the time has come, sharing her knowledge with the camp, of the coming changes to their world.  Of a place they must go, to make a new life where they will prosper.  Of the steps they must make to be safe from the coming Festrousi who would kill and enslave them.

For a captivating story of adventure, magic, and wonder, The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break will not disappoint you.  The characters come to life, the landscapes and structures will appear before your eyes, sounds of battle will reach your ears, and your emotions will change with the mood of the story.  Weber’s writing will mesmerize you in this magical world he has created.  If you love unique stories of magic, kingdoms, love, and adventure, this epic first novel, The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break by Michael Weber, is a must read.

The details in this book kept me from setting it down.  With a love for architecture, building, travel, and a good book, this story really pulled me in.  I adore a book that is so well told I can see it play out around me, as if I am a part of it and Weber does just that.  I’m reading it for the third time and am truly looking forward to the next book in the series.

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