Writer’s Retreat

When my AshleyNicole Books Facebook page reached 1k likes I was going to share a teaser from Women’s Island.  Then we had all those storms so I was delayed in posting it.  While I was without internet for those extended periods of time and then on vacation with my family I continued to work on my manuscript.  Getting lost in the world of Women’s Island I began imagining finishing it for my beta readers by the beginning of August, working every free moment to accomplish that goal.  Then yesterday one of my team asked me when I was going to share that teaser I promised…  I’ve been so wrapped up in finishing the book I forgot about the teaser.  But have no fear, I’ve got something better than a teaser now that you’ve had to wait so long.  I’ll be sending the book to my beta readers!  And then my editor!  And another round for good measure.  That means I could have Women’s Island published before October even gets here!  Fingers crossed this can be accomplished.

To keep you occupied while I’m working, I thought you might enjoy this post about Famous Writers’ Retreats.  My favorite retreat is probably “London” by George Bernard Shaw simply because that’s an ingenious way to keep people from interrupting your writing.  However my favorite location would be that of Beatrix Potter!  I love the beauty and quiet of the country side and it’s in the lake district.  Maybe one day I’ll have my own unique retreat…  Until then I’ll stick with writing where ever and when ever I can.  Now I need to stop waisting my time on blog posts and get back to writing my book 😉

Thank you everyone for your continued support!  You’re awesome!
Have a great day!
~ AshleyNicole


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