Steady, Sharp, and Quick

Word count for today: 1,203

I worked on another lab scene today. The detail was fun and unexpectedly broadened the plot a little. I’m looking forward to adding to the following scenes from it. Tomorrow I’ll be adding a lab scene and a cavern dweller scene to the manuscript. These two scenes I think will really add to the plot and let you get to know the characters more.  I’ll be trying to post my word count daily until I send it off to my beta readers. Try being the operative word.  For 1k Likes on my Facebook Author Page I promised you all a teaser.  So here is a mini-teaser before I get back to writing or get some sleep. Which ever comes first 😉 Enjoy!

Women’s Island Mini-Teaser

"Cryogenic Sleep" by Siamon89  source:

“Cryogenic Sleep” by Siamon89

Glass doors slide open admitting an old man with smoky gray eyes dressed in a lab coat.  Despite his advanced age his hands are steady, his eyes are sharp, and his mind is quick.  A content smile slides onto his face as he walks to the center of the room.  On the examination table his subject slumbers in a medically induced coma.  The young female, a breeder, is the ideal vessel for birthing more intelligent, stronger, and longer living men. She has been his project since she was just an embryo in her mother’s womb.  “Won’t be long now my pet.  Soon you can begin the fertilization stage.”  The doctor brushes a strand of hair away from her face, knowing he shouldn’t be attached to his projects in such a manner.  But pride in his work is an emotion he can’t push aside.  An apprentice rushes into the room, making the doctor step back, his silent adoration now disrupted.  The young man hands him glass card before dismissing himself just as quickly as he arrived.  Accepting the message a holographic missive appears in the air from congress approving his proposal for a study to cure diseases and breed the next generation of men.   It states they are so impressed with his presentation they are not only granting permission but funding as well for his female species studies.  The doctor turns back to his female subject and begins his routine vitals check with a smile on his face.  “I hold the future in my hands,” he whispers.

Not Yet Edited
Mini-teaser from Women’s Island
ⓒCopyright 2012, 2013 AshleyNicole Shelton


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