Twist of Fate- Now Available in eBook Formats

In May of 2013 storms and tornadoes ripped through the midwestern United States leaving destruction and desolation in many areas. One of the hardest hit states was Oklahoma. “Twist of Fate” is an anthology of writing, poetry, prose, and artwork from contributors around the world, better known as the group: Indies In Action. 100 % of the proceeds from the sale of the book “Twist of Fate” will go to benefit tornado victims in Oklahoma through the May Tornadoes Fund, administered by the United Way.
The Indies In Action (IIA) group has been hard at work to create a beautiful collection of prose and poetry dedicated to the victims of the tornadoes which devastated Oklahoma in recent weeks. This touching collection is punctuated by well-known authors and poets from all over the globe, stirring photography, and a brilliant cover donated by Maria Edwards of Navigator Books.


The Twist of Fate (ToF) anthology has been a group effort mixed with a little bit of madness as all book publications are. From editing, to formatting, and book cover decisions, books are a lot of work even after all the writing and artwork has been done. I’ve truly enjoyed collaborating with my fellow Indies In Action (IIA) members.
And now, after all that hard work Twist of Fate is now available in eBook formats!

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Smashwords | Amazon | Barnes and Noble


Kiriti Sengupta (India) has been very hard at work interviewing some of the contributors of ToF and I thought I would share these with you so you can get to know the contributors who are helping raise money for the May Tornadoes Fund.
I had the pleasure of talking with Kiriti when he had me at the interview desk last week. It was such a surprise to be invited for the interview as I did not contribute any written work to the anthology, rather I submitted my photography. The support and appreciation the members of IIA give to one another is tremendous. Each day I am more and more thankful I was able to join them for such a great cause.

Interview Snippet:

Kiriti: What is the role of the photographs in this anthology ?

Ashley: Photography captures a single moment. I like to think that it brings everyone together, to that one point in time. Next to the literature, we can all experience and feel the compassion that is going into this anthology.

Kiriti: Which comes first, Love or Sympathy ? What is of more importance in a charity work ?

Ashley: The two can often be mixed up or coincide with one another. To me, love is intense and personal. Those who know the victims personally have all the love they require. But sympathy is that emotional tug even a stranger feels for someone in need. It is what drives us to volunteer and give to charity.

You can read the full interview here, Author AshleyNicole fascinates with her insights about charity and Twist of Fate, an international charitable anthology.


Other Interviews by Kiriti:

Stephen L Wilson (U.S.A) | Allison Bruning (U.S.A) | hülya yılmaz (Turkey)

W.F. “Bill” Lantry (U.S.A) | Linda Bonney Olin (U.S.A) | Ency Bearis (USA)

Ranadeb Dasgupta and Prabir Roy (India) | Jon Tribble (U.S.A) | Maria Edwards (U.S.A.)

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo (Philippines) | Simone Beaudelaire (U.S.A)

Crystal Schall (U.S.A) | Don Martin (U.S.A) | M.P.Witwer (U.S.A.)

Colin Dardis (Northern Ireland) | Marshall G. Kent Sr. (U.S.A) | Madhu Kalyan (India)

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