Twist of Fate – A Charity Anthology

Twist of Fate
A Charity Anthology
Coming Soon

In May of 2013 storms and tornadoes ripped through the midwestern United States leaving destruction and desolation in many areas. One of the hardest hit states was Oklahoma. “Twist of Fate” is an anthology of writing, poetry, prose, and artwork from contributors around the world, better known as the group: Indies In Action.  100 % of the proceeds from the sale of the book “Twist of Fate” will go to benefit tornado victims in Oklahoma through the May Tornadoes Fund, administered by the United Way.  You can learn more about the May Tornadoes Fund at the United Way of Central Oklahoma Website.

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The Indies In Action (IIA) group has been hard at work to create a beautiful collection of prose and poetry dedicated to the victims of the tornadoes which devastated Oklahoma in recent weeks. This touching collection is punctuated by well-known authors and poets from all over the globe, stirring photography, and a brilliant cover by the talented graphic designer Maria Edwards.
We know that the families who have suffered so much rely on the care of others to help them through their vulnerable times, and our efforts are going to be well-received. Please take the time to ‘Follow’ the Indies in Action website and ‘Like’ the Facebook Page for Twist of Fate to get updates on the book release (links above). These small gestures go a long way toward encouraging those who have spent long hours crafting this work of love.
Thank you for your support!


Teaser Sample from the Anthology

A Poem

By Marshall G. Kent Sr.

Copyright 11/19/2012

I drove all night chasing a twinkling star,

High and low, fast and slow; still it sits running afar.

Slowed and bloated, if not svelte;

It seems as if I’ve often felt,

I’ve been a bit struck by Orion’s belt.

I see my query blurry in a dash,

But alas my vision is through a glass,

In which the twinkling shall never pass.

My thoughts thus run into a jar,

Inside lightning bugs dance on a bar.

In the pitch fabric of darkest night,

I focus my might on a flittering sight;

Once of darkness, now light passes this way,

Is that a needle stuck in the hay?

Opulent orb calling wolves to play,

Or bay,

Nay stay;

Still the deafening roar of utter silence,

Wherefore these thoughts and whereto whence;

In the black a white picket fence.

The sky bruised by a nightwing in flight,

‘Tis just the entry into this plight.

‘Twas without warning came the scream,

Fabric blurred then split at its seam:

Like the birthing of phantasmic delight,

Buttery bleeding of crimson insight.

I reach forth into the heavenly abyss,

to steal of my soul a kiss-

-I miss.

But there stand I

embrassing the specters with my heartbeat,

Glaring, I bid them (for a story) take their seat.

Once many times and shortly long ago, on and on stopping there I go;

Bestowing stealing knowledge I will never know, but heave it so,

Or to and fro–nevertheless, always it will be in tow, as sweet bitter winds blow.

A swaying ribbon or no, of the fabric pull a thread,

An orgasmic explosion within my head.

The sky is cheese and earthen bread,

I, the meat ground in my stead.

And I awaken asleep underneath on top of my bed.


My Part in the Project

When I heard about the Twist of Fate project from Stephen I knew I wanted to help out in anyway I could.  With life in general plus my focus on Women’s Island, I wasn’t able to submit a short story.  I did however get the chance to contribute photographs to the group and am overjoyed at least one of them will be in the publication.  The mini-photoshoots I did were fun and knowing they were intended for a good cause made the time spent worth it.  Indies In Action has brought me into a new circle of writers & artists who share my passion and giving nature to help others.  I’m so glad I was able to participate in such a project and look forward to working with the IIA writers & artists in the future.


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15. Donna J. Sanders                                                16. Vallory Vance
17. Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman                18. story of my life
19. Random Thoughts                                                20. mtmc2
21. Monkey Vines                                                       22. Post Poetry MFA


More Charity Anthologies by Indies In Action

Angel’s Cried
Help the victims and families in Newtown

Angels Cried

On 12/14/12, tragedy struck. Authors and artists combined, so that their expressions of emotion could be put to good use. Contributors from around the world came together and shared their souls for charity. The effort has resulted in the creation of the anthology “Angels Cried.” This inspiring collection is a wonderful way to make a difference for those who truly need it the most. The proceeds from this eBook go to the Sandy Hook School Support Fund, managed by the United Way. The 40 authors and artists who contributed to this anthology represent caring people from all over the world. There is information about many of the contributors at the back of the anthology, so you can learn about the people who cared enough to create this collection.
Thank you for sharing hope.

Paperback version now available at
Createspace and Amazon
U.S. orders, please use Createspace. They don’t charge as much to publish. Thank you!

eBook copies available for $5.99
Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords

Visit and like the “Angels Cried” Facebook page.

Please take the time to provide a short review at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords. Thank you for your support!


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