New Portland

This past Thursday the Facebook fan page AshleyNicole Books exceeded the 800 fan mark!  I was going to share a teaser before dinner to celebrate the increased fan base but when I tried to get online I realized the storm knocked out our internet.  Now that it is back up I’ve decided to share the revised beginning to Women’s Island.  This isn’t the whole of the first chapter but a good teaser of it.  It’s bound to change again once it goes to the editor but I hope you’ll enjoy it.  You may notice the present year has changed from 2029 to 2035.  The reason for this is after doing some fact checking Senator Andrew Chamberlain wouldn’t have the chance to be elected until the year 2030 in the state of Maine (fictionally speaking of course *wink*) so I have altered the timeline a bit.  Thank you and I hope you all enjoy the teaser.

hydro shuttle

Rainy Night by Steve-Burg on DeviantART

Teaser from upcoming Women’s Island


Senator Andrew Chamberlain is a tall, strong man.  Everything about his appearance is a look of success.  From his serious but friendly eyes, and blonde well groomed but slightly disarrayed hair to his broad shoulders and defiant stand.  He has always commanded attention and carries the properties of a good leader.  But today, he is on his way home in New Portland from Washington, D.C. and has disturbing news to reveal to his wife.  When Andrew was elected as a senator of Maine in November of 2030 he never thought his country would fall this low.  When he began his campaign he saw his country as one technologically advancing to a world that cures cancer, solves the economic and environmental problems of the world, and justice treats everyone fairly.  The dream of being a part of the government to take his country to the next level was what drove his determination to be elected.  Now, five years later, he realizes his country is not what it seemed.  In hindsight, there were signs of society changing for the worst while technology and economy rose, but once he noticed, it was too late.  Ever since he has been fighting with his political strength, trying to open the eyes of the other men in government, but today, was the greatest failure so far.

The hydroshuttle stops, allowing Andrew off several blocks from his home.  Too lost in his thoughts, he ignores his surroundings, walking on autopilot to his home, his wife, his children, and the horrific news he must share.  The heart-wrenching plan he must put into motion.  Tonight maybe the last moments he will ever share with his family.


ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books


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