Fighting Back – Women’s Island Teaser

In honor of reaching 700 likes on the AshleyNicole Books Facebook page I am sharing a teaser from Women’s Island that I hope you will enjoy 🙂

Fighting Back

teaser from upcoming novel women’s island

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Hunched over the desk sits a man fighting a war inside, trying not to lose himself and remember what side he is really on.  His hands clench the disheveled hair atop his head, inflicting a slight of pain so he knows how to separate what is a nightmare, and what is real.  Digging his elbows into the top of his desk, Senator Andrew Chamberlain raises his head, not bothering to fix his hair at the sound of someone knocking on the door, “Enter.”

Officer Fremont comes in and quickly closes the door behind him, “We have received news of your wife.”

Andrew’s voice comes out level and monotone, “Only of my wife?”

Fremont drops his head, “It may not be her, just a woman claiming to be.”

Clenching his fists, “Where?”

“She’s in Kentucky.  No one knows which direction she came from, only that there were a lot of explosions one week before they found her.  The explosions were all near labs in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  Something triggered a chemical reaction within the water pipes.”

“How were only the labs affected?  What does that have to do with my wife?”

Fremont shrugs his shoulders, “The labs that were affected ran off of their own nuclear power plants and somehow, that small difference in the water, maybe the radiation, triggered the explosive reaction.  The one lab in Kentucky managed to only have minimal damage but the others will be out of commission for a while.”  Fremont sits in a chair across from Andrew, “As for your wife, if it is her, she admitted to blowing up the facilities and demanded to see you.”

“And what would you advise?” Andrew asks, wondering why his wife would blow up labs, and where his children could possibly be.

“I would advise, you go see this woman.  And if she is your wife, find out if your children are safe.  Keep in mind; they have her at a lab.  And if you don’t want anything bed to happen, you need to get there quickly.”

Andrew jumps out of his chair, realizing what Fremont is insinuating.  “We need to go.  We need to go right now.”

“Slow down Senator.”  Fremont pulls back on Andrew’s shoulder making him realize he had been racing for the door.  “They are already getting a jet ready.  We will be there soon enough.  I promise.”

“I never thought I’d admit it, but I think I’m going to need you around for this,” Andrew says looking at the firm hand holding him in place.

Fremont suppresses a laugh, knowing Andrew is being serious, “Don’t worry.  I’ll help you keep your sanity and remind you what side you’re on.  We will protect her and your children.  There is a lot you’re going to accomplish in this war, and I’m going to be there to help you do it.”  Fremont drops his hand to his side as Andrew turns around.

“I thought you knew which side I was really on.”

Fremont laughs, “Don’t start doubting me now Andrew.  Don’t you see what it would mean, what you could do?”

“No Fremont, I don’t.  What wonderful bout of destruction do you imaging I could unleash as the leader of such a war?”  Andrew forces himself to pace the room and hear Fremont’s plan before he takes violent action.

“You could destroy the government’s power over women,” Fremont smiles mischievously.

Andrew stops in shock facing Fremont, “Come again?”

“Honestly, how did you become a senator?”  Fremont shakes his head.

“I have an intelligent wife to fill in the blanks for me,” Andrew states mournfully, worrying if she is alive and safe, or being tortured in a lab states away.

Fremont just nods and continues, “If you are the face of the war, if the government believes that you are on their side, then you can lead them away from the real path, away from the real haven of the women.”

“And how would I know if I am leading them away?” Andrew asks.

Fremont smiles, “Women are smart and strong.  They know the chances of getting caught, and when they are interrogated, they know when to give the false bust close to the truth information, so the government never finds their trail.”

Andrew shakes his head, “Cressida told me the truth when I interrogated her.”

“She told you a partial truth.  They did go through the sewers and onto a logging road, but they didn’t go north towards Canada.”  Fremont sits back down feeling that this conversation is going to be longer than he thought.

Andrew drops his head in thought and suddenly snaps it up to look at he’s only trusted friend, “That’s why Mercy blew up the labs.  So that no one would know which direction to find Luke and Christian.  The only reason she would have done that was to protect them.  And the only reason she would need to protect them is because they are safe.  My children are safe.”

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