Women’s Island Movie Deal

Releasing a Secret

Okay… I’ve been keeping this a secret long enough and now that fan base has exceeded my expectations I’d like to announce it officially. A screenwriter ran across my Women’s Island project and loved the story idea so much he asked to have a meeting with me, my agent, and some producers. I was so surprised, especially since the book hasn’t even been released yet but I decided it was worth going to the meeting. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


I never dreamed my writing would actually become a movie. If any of my books did, I thought it would be one of my series, but I’m glad Women’s Island will have the chance to make such an impact. Most of the casting has already been completed and the script is going through edits as we speak. The movie will come to theaters Fall 2015! I’m so excited!
Thank you all for your support. I hope you will love the movie as long as the book. I better get to bed. I have a production meeting in the morning.
women's island movie poster


It would be awesome if my novel Women’s Island gets a movie deal but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

***Disclaimer – I do not own the images used to make this movie poster and the actors did not consent to play a part in the movie. It was simply for April Fools Day purposes.***



Women’s Island is getting closer to being publication ready.  In the meantime I recently got in the Cavern Dweller bookmarks and can now take orders from those of you who would like to buy t-shirts and/or autographed bookmark sets.  For more information on buying Women’s Island products, send me a message by clicking the “Contact” tab from the menu at the top.

imPRESSive Update

This idea of imPRESSive came from a similar documentary appearing on YouTube called Becoming YouTube, which talked about YouTubers and the different elements of YouTube. So, I thought that I would start a documentary blogumentary about WordPress, and the different elements it involves and provides.  You’ll find me quoted once in each episode so be sure to check it out 🙂

Webisode One – Blog Names and URLs
So basically, blog names and URL’s are usually quicker to make and helpful in the long term if they have a personal connection. For example, mine derives from the fact that I love psychology and thought – provoking things, and some can come from some small things in people’s lives. But with people using pseudonyms rather than their actual names, but why is this the case?
“Just like book titles, a blog name needs to catch the readers attention, intrigue them, make them come visit your page. And a URL needs to be easy to remember and spell so access to the site isn’t difficult.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Two – The Blogger Persona
What should the perfect blogger blog about?
“I personally enjoy blog posts about book reviews, giveaways, fiction stories, and survivor stories but I think everyone is different. But you can count on one thing for sure. As long as you are writing about what you love, there will be someone who loves to read it.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Three – Stats and Attracting Views
Do you consider yourself “stat-obsessed”?
“I look at my stats every now and then out of curiosity, wondering where in the world my page has been viewed but other than that, no.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Four – Blog Conferences – Where Are They?
Have you ever heard of WordCamp conference by WordPress?
“Nope, but I’ll look it up later now that you brought it up.”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Five – Akismet and Spammers
Why are spammers common on WordPress, and why do you rarely see them on Blogger and other famous blogging sites?
“Honestly, I don’t think they are more common. I’ve tried several different blog site and WordPress is by far my favorite. My twitter on the other hand, that gets a lot of spam!”-AshleyNicole Books

Webisode Six – Freshly Pressed
Have you ever been Freshly Pressed and would it make you feel more pressure to reach your readers expectations?
“No I haven’t but if I ever am, I would probably take more time editing my posts than I do now.”-AshleyNicole Books


Have a great April everyone!


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