2013 Hopefuls


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2013 Hopefuls
Created by M.S. Fowle
A great idea that I wanted to try too.  Thank you M.S. Fowle for posting this.

“For this New Year I am not making resolutions. I don’t believe I’ve ever made a resolution before. They just feel like promises I won’t keep or will eventually forget. So, for 2013, I will be making Hopefuls for this year. It feels like a lot less pressure, if you ask me. I’m still setting goals for myself, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t achieve one thing or another.” ~ 2013 Hopefuls & The Coffee Quiz


My Hopefuls for 2013

 1.    Publish Women’s Island.  Obviously I really want this to happen and I am pretty sure it will.  I just have to work really hard, and hope I get enough time to finish it.  Still, a year is quite reasonable, so I’m not too worried about this hopeful not happening.

2.    Reach 600 Downloads.  Last year I reached 583 downloads for The Blind Lily on Smashwords.  So this year, for Women’s Island, I want to reach 600 downloads.  I think with enough social media promoting I can make it.  Plus Women’s Island will be professionally edited and my cover artist did and amazing job!

3.    Finish My Secret Project.  I have a project I am working on for fans of The Blind Lily.  I think you’ll really be excited about it once I share it with you.  I’m hoping to spread the word about it in August.  So keep a look out for news on the surprise.

4.    A Book Signing.  This hopeful is a little far fetched but I’d really love to have a book signing at a local bookstore.  If not this year, I can always move the hopeful to next year, but until January 1, 2014 arrives, I’m going to keep hoping and shooting for that goal.

5.    Have a Successful Blog Tour.  This hopeful is very vague and general.  I just hope that my blog tour for Women’s Island is fun, reaches a lot of readers, and helps build my audience.  If those three things are met, I’ll consider it a success.

6.    Print Women’s Island.  Once Women’s Island is published in eBook, it shouldn’t be too difficult to publish in paperback.  The reason for this hopeful, is because my first attempt to publish a paperback book, did not go well.  It was my crash course into the self-publishing would and I don’t want that to happen again.




I’m sure I’ll come up with more as goals are met and opportunities arise, but for now, I think I’m pretty happy with my Hopefuls.  What are your Hopefuls for 2013?


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