My Work In Progress

I know I have kept you all waiting while I work on Women’s Island.  Life has been busy and fitting in writing time is difficult but I am managing.  Because you all have been waiting so long, I thought you might enjoy a little taste of the story and enjoy some art work.  Hope this keeps you on your toes.

Flaming Arrow by dypsomaniart on deviantART

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Women’s Island
a teaser – not yet edited – 

Filling her lungs, Mercy releases her breath and the arrow simultaneously.

Time seems to slow as the men back away from the arrow, assuming she is aiming at them, and laughing when it hits the ground.  Her breath catches, fear taking over the moment after it lands.

It didn’t…’ Her thoughts are cut off when a big explosion blasts trees, dirt, and rock at the men.  An invisible cloud seems to settle over Mercy’s ears, muffling the sounds around her before it turns into a high pitched ringing.  Feeling disoriented Mercy tries to keep moving, hoping that the hunters have been delayed enough for her escape.

Not daring to look back she gets as far away as she can before she suddenly falls through the ground in an unseen hole.  Darkness surrounds her just before she looses consciousness.

ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books


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