An Intermission

"Good Tidings for Christmas" by brandrificusDigital Art / Photomanipulation / People

“Good Tidings for Christmas” by brandrificus
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / People

With the busy holiday season, many of us have schedules that require every moment of our time to be planned out with hopes of enough time on the side for sleep.  Due to all the hectic craziness, I’ve decided to take an Internet Intermission.  That means I will attempt to take a break from all social media (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, deviantART, LinkedIn, Goodreads, etc…) starting today and ending Wednesday morning when I post “The Next Big Thing” blog post.  Also, although it won’t be an intermission, I will not be online much between December 20th and January 4th.  There is much to prepare for Women’s Island and I only hope I can get it all done on top of everything else.  BLOGGERS!  Please don’t forget to sign up for the Women’s Island Blog Tour!

"Christmas Card" by Cecilou-chanDigital Art / Photomanipulation / Landscapes & Scenery

“Christmas Card” by Cecilou-chan
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Landscapes & Scenery

If you should happen to see me online liking a blog post, commenting on Facebook, tweeting about the cold, blogging about whatever, uploading photos, etc… please feel free to remind me that the Women’s Island abominations are watching me (see teaser below).  I do not need any distractions.  I am going to go so far as to cut off the internet to my computer and phone.  Sadly that still leaves the temptation to use my wireless cell network but I will try to avoid it.

Before I go, I’d like to share a mini teaser (not yet edited) with you all because I know I’ve kept you waiting awhile. Enjoy!

"AlterMinds: Owl" by 3DBlenderRenderDigital Art / Photomanipulation / Sci-Fi

“AlterMinds: Owl” by 3DBlenderRender
Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Sci-Fi

Screeching pierces the night in a terrifying call. Being in the dark, and not knowing what is out there can be terrifying for most. Seeing the ferocious creatures making those sounds, can be even more horrific. In this part of the mountains, the later of the two is true.

A shadow, darker than the night around it, approaches the small group, wailing from above. Erie yellow light bursts from the darkness, outlining an enormous owl, disfigured and frightening. Combination of metal and feathers, the abomination dives for Mercy’s head. She ducks, using her body as a shield for Christian.

Ever doesn’t stop running, knowing Luke’s safety is her number one priority.

Mercy begins running with Christian in tow, knowing the hulking owl will return. This time however, there are three, all diving for her at once. Reaching behind her head, she wrenches something from her pack, and instinctively thrusts the object into the chest of the first creature to reach her. The owl falls to the ground, leaving a bloody dagger resting in Mercy’s hand. That’s when she realizes, “They can die.”

ⓒ Copyright 2013 AshleyNicole Books

Happy Holidays Everyone!


12 thoughts on “An Intermission

    • Thank you. The image was a great find and very similar to my description of the owl abominations. Just change the blue lights to yellow and lengthen the claws a bit. That would right on. I’m glad you enjoyed the teaser 🙂

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