Blood of the Sorcerer – A Review by AshleyNicole

Blood of the Sorcerer

by B.C. Morin

Blood of The Sorcerer
by B.C. Morin


Love will be tested, great powers will emerge, and hearts will break over a death no one saw coming….

Princess Alannah hoped that upon her arrival in Anrad, things would begin to look up. But she comes to find that the warrior fae that she has fallen in love with is truly the Prince of Anrad and has been betrothed to another by his dying father. Isibeal, his betrothed, is beautiful, strong, and hiding a secret that Alannah is determined to reveal.

Adding to her worries, her sister Evyette has set off on a journey to uncover her increasingly mysterious past. Finally discovering who she is and where she came from, Evyette will find that some things are better left unknown. As Tristan and Kaleb help Eveytte through this discovery, she is yanked from their clutches by Samil who has volunteered her as the final sacrifice for him to remain in this realm.

Will Alannah succeed in her training at the hands of Master Jadoc, the Elder Faerie and still make it in time to join Tristan and Kaleb in stopping Samil? Will Brennus go against his dying father’s last request and follow his heart?

5 of 5 stars – A heart racing sequel!

If you’ve not read Mark of the Princess (Book One of The Kingdom Chronicles) make sure you do!  It’s amazing!  Book two, Blood of The Sorcerer, is great from the beginning.  Reading how the characters have grown and developed since the first book is a journey of it’s own and I especially love Evyette’s role in the story.  She definitely takes root in the book and shows her purpose.  There is a tragic loss (although I won’t give away who) and relationships are tested.  If you loved Mark of the Princess then you’ll love Blood of The Sorcerer.  The only downfall… you have to wait to find out what happens in book three!  I can’t wait for it to come out!

Get your copy of Blood of The Sorcerer on Amazon!  Don’t forget to like B.C. Morin’s Facebook Page!


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