The Witches Sleep – A Review by AshleyNicole

The Witches Sleep

by Kaitlyn Deann

The Witches Sleep by Kaitlyn Deann


At only seventeen, Ella Barnes is shot and killed for an unknown reason. She is shocked when she wakes up in a different world, a world of witches. Ella has to learn to adapt to a new body, new life and new world, surrounded by new people. As Ella gets to know Raena, the world of the witches and its people, she realizes they aren’t the perfect creatures they believe themselves to be, and she’s not the type of person to stand around and twiddle her thumbs. Will Ella succeed in changing the mindset of the people? Or will she be doomed to die another cold and tragic death because of her rebellion?

5 of 5 stars – A story that’s out of this world

The Witches Sleep is unlike any story you’ve ever read and the witches are unparalleled to any witch story I’ve ever heard of.  From the beginning it has you on your toes as the character is hunted.  I would never expect  her to wake up on another planet.  If you’re looking for a story that is unique this is definitely the book for you.  A story about soul mates, freedom, and fighting for what you believe in.  The names of the witches may throw you off a bit, but I grew to love them as I read on and I love the world Kaitlyn Deann has created.  I’m looking forward to the next book!

You can get your copy of The Witches Sleep on Amazon and don’t forget to like her Facebook Author Page.  Want to follow her blog?  No problem!  Just click here!


2 thoughts on “The Witches Sleep – A Review by AshleyNicole

  1. Thank you, Ashley! You’ve been such an amazing supporter! I couldn’t ask for anything more helpful and awesome! ❤
    Looking forward to reading Women's Island!

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