Over Land and Sea

This morning, after breakfast, my son and I went to the post office… Needless to say he made it quite fun and entertaining.  He had his soccer ball, my cell phone, and my car keys along with a post office that had customers coming in and out to smile at his games.  Often while I was sitting next to all the boxes putting in t-shirts or writing the addresses he would climb onto my back and give me a big hug.  When he wasn’t on my back he would through the soccer ball to me or putt the phone to my ear wanting me to talk to the imagined voice.  He is so sweet and loving so I didn’t mind the handwriting that looked to be filled out on a hay ride and I’m sure the recipients won’t either.

It took an hour and a half to fill out forms, address packages, have a snack break, and send my mail out with my little prince but I didn’t mind.  The trip was for mailing out rewards to my contributors and prizes to giveaway winners both in the US and in other countries over seas.  Thankfully the mail lady was very nice and helpful.  She even waited to go on her lunch break to help me finish while my son dug into a pack of Gerber Puffs and a squeeze Mott’s applesauce pack.


The United States Postal Service has my gratitude.  Once, about a year ago, I had to ship a book to Australia.  I thought, FedEx rules the air, so they must be the best and most cost effective choice.  When I got there they told me it would cost over a hundred dollars to ship the book… I was shocked and decided to try UPS which turned out to be even more expensive.  Then with little hope I walked into the USPS and asked how much it would cost to package and ship the book.  The lady smiled and told me the approximate price depending on my packaging and shipping choice.  Truly, time stopped!  At least I felt like it did.

Her answer made me smile for the rest of the day.  I was able to package and ship my book for less than $15.  Ever since, I always use the United States Postal Service to mail anything and everything.

For some people, I’m sure FedEx and UPS are great options, so I’m not suggesting you not use them, but if you ever find the cost to be just too much, stop by your local post office and see what they can do for you.


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