The Wall Outside – A Review by AshleyNicole

The Wall Outside

The Xun Ove Series

by James William Peercy

The Wall Outside by James William Peercy


On vacation, Jonna finds his beloved wife has been taken to a magical land of pixies, elves, and dark mages. Will he get her back? Is true love greater than magic?


5 of 5 stars – You’re never too old for a magical story.  This is a story you’ll want to read over and over again.

Jonna and his wife take a vacation to the countryside where he is forced into a magical world of pixies, elves, and dark mages in order to save the love of his life.  On his quest he discovers magic and molds it in ways unique even to the magical world he is traveling.  Many distraction and strange beings try to distract him from his quest but his undwindling love for his wife and his noble heart keep him moving forward.

 My favorite character in the story in Bob the Pixie who I am sure you will love too.  He is a great friend to Jonna and although his mind often wanders to other things, he is as clever and charming as pixies come.

One of the best attributes this story has is no cliffhanger ending.  It is a book that stands strong on it’s own and still invites you to read the next book once it is published.  I love the author’s writing style an the world he has created.  This book, I definitely recommend!

You can purchase your copy of The Wall Outside on Amazon and you can visit the author’s Facebook page here!


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