Victoria Grefer blogs her thoughts about Cliffhangers in series books. I found it really insightful and now I am really thinking about the structure of The Gifted Series (TGS). Series books that you can read each one separately, in any order, and still enjoy them have always been my favorite although hard to find. They seem so rare because they are that much harder to write but I would love for TGS to be like this. Only a few of you have a little idea about what the plans are for TGS but for those who don’t, I really hope you’ll like the surprise, especially now that I think it will be even better than before. For now though, it’s back to work on Women’s Island.

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Creative Writing with the Crimson League

A recap for those who might not follow the blog regularly: I’m working on a two part novel for NaNoWriMo. I just hit my 50,000 word goal at the end of the first part, and it’s become clear to me that I could cut the second completely out and make it its own novel, adding a few things here and there to flesh out the novel I already have as “part one.”

It was a very tempting thought. Perhaps I’ll still give into it, but I’m leaning toward my original inclination: keeping it all one novel. Why? I’ve realized it all comes down to my loathing of cliffhanger-ending series novels.

A quick disclaimer: this is just a personal, stylistic preference. I’ve read a lot of excellent novels in series that end with cliffhangers of a sort. I do believe you can have a fantastic novel with such an ending, with…

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