Veteran’s Day 2012

Today is Veteran’s Day.  Let us thank those who have fought for our county, are fighting for your country, and will fight for our country.  Let us pray for those who have given their lives, and those risking their lives.  Thank you American Soldiers in all branches past, present, and future.

“USMC Veterans Day” by ~PraetoriusLexicus on deviantART
Digital Art / Fractal Art

What do you do to honor the veterans and soldiers on this day?  Here are some ideas if you’d like to do something special.  If you have more, please share, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Adopt a Soldier

Adopting a soldier is a great way to show your appreciation for soldiers currently fighting for our country.  “You can now choose two different ways to support the deployed troops through Adopt A US Soldier.  You can adopt a single soldier and make a long-term commitment sending letters, cards, and care packages to your sodlier for the length of their deployment, or you can sign up for Project Frontlines for a one-time or short-term commitment.  Both programs will help you show your support for deployed troops that will appreciate your support more than you can imagine.”  If your interested in adopting a soldier click here to find out more.

Visit A Veteran

Chances are, you know a veteran, and if you don’t someone you know does.  Treat a veteran to lunch or do something else special and let them tell you stories about the wars they fought.  They may love the company, having someone to share their story with, and know that their sacrifices are appreciated still today.

Light a Candle

In memory of those veterans who have passed away, light a candle and maybe say a prayer.  Even though they may no longer be with us, they might catch a glimpse of the memorial flame.  Lighting a candle in their memory can lift your heart, make you shed a tear, and possibly bring back memories of those who have passed.  Lighting a candle is one of my favorite ways to remember someone and let them know I still think about them.

Make an Occasion of it

Go to one of the many memorial sites for veterans.  Bring flowers, a drawing, or something else you may want to place at the memorial site (make sure you are allowed to leave flowers, etc… at the site.  I’m not sure if all of them allow that or not)

Thank you for supporting our troops in anyway you can.  Have a memorable veteran’s day!


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