New Stretch Goal!

10 hours and $1.5k

With just 10 hours left Women’s Island has reached it’s first stretch goal of $1k. Now, if $1,500 is raised (just $482 more) then I will send an autographed copy of Women’s Island to each Women’s Island Kickstarter Project contributor who pledges $15 or more once it is released in paperback.

If you’d like to pledge $15 for the paperback, you also get the following rewards as stated on the project:

  • Autographed Image Print of a Women’s Island book Character
  • An autographed Women’s Island promotional bookmark
  • You will be included in the acknowledgments of my novel and receive an eBook copy of Women’s Island in the format you need for your eReader device (nook, sony, kindle, etc…)
  • A pdf of a finished chapter of Women’s Island will be e-mailed to you, along with my thanks.


Find out more here

Pledge here


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