One Week To Go!


I’m working really hard to get the second half of Women’s Island to my editor by tonight but it will most likely have to wait until Sunday. I still have quite a bit left to do and then the read through before I send it to her. Next to the writing, I’ve also been talking to my cover artist. We have some ideas for the bookmarks and t-shirts. It is all very exciting! Soon I’ll be able to post images of what they will look like, so you can see what you’ll be getting for your pledges to the Women’s Island Kickstarter Project



Thank you Gail Lindsay for your contribution and thank you Evaristo Ramos for raising your pledge. Women’s Island is now 84% funded with 7 days left to go. Thank you for bringing the project that much closer to success. Time is getting away and I must get back to writing. Thank you all for your pledges, for spreading the word, and to those of you who are considering making a contribution.

Back to writing…


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