14 Days & Counting

Women’s Island Update

Women’s Island is really coming together.  I’m receiving amazing art from my cover artist, so you can expect some teasers soon, and the first half of the book is with my editor.  Part two of the book is what I’m working on right now.  My character’s are really pushing me to the limits with all the ideas and scene’s running through my head.  They want the story told, but they also seem to want it to last forever, which is just how I want my readers to feel so it looks like I’m on the right track 😉

Here is a little taste of the upcoming teaser ❤


Piece of Art by Aedo Morin

The Kickstarter Project

The Kickstarter project has only 14 days left to reach it’s goal and we still need $339.  Every little bit helps so if you can contribute even $1 it could mean the difference in the project being a success to being put on hold.  Please spread the word and let all your friends know that this book needs their help!  One of the Women’s Island contributor’s commented on the project saying:

“Captivating new story from a new author. I highly suggest funding it. The Roo has spoken :)” ~ Evaristo Ramos

Thank You!

Thank you for that lovely comment Evaristo.  I’d also like to say thank you again to all the Kickstarter contributors:

Gold Contributors:

Michelle Shelton

Samantha Kaylor

Silver Contributors:

Tonya Brewton

Nate Evans

Bronze Contributors:

Brittany Shelton

Evaristo Ramos

The Movie Fiend!

Simo Muinonen

Extraordinary Contributors:


Great Contributors:

LM Preston

Chris Cockrell

Susie M. Hanley

Other Contributing Opportunities:

Do you want to contribute but the book swag isn’t really your thing?  Then maybe you’d be interested in buying Pampered Chef.  In order to place an order on that will raise money for Women’s Island, just go to www.pamperedchef.biz/missyinthekitchen & click “SHOP ONLINE” & then enter Ashley as the host! Then all items you order will count toward the Kickstarter fundraiser!  This event ends on October 7th and the proceeds will go toward the Women’s Island Kickstarter Project.

Now, I best get back to writing before my characters go wild and off topic 😉


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