80% To Go!

Today the Women’s Island Kickstarter Project got another contributor bringing the total funded about to $165!  That’s 20% funding with 29 days left to go!  Thank you to all of you who have pledged money and spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, and other networking sites.  All your efforts are very much appreciated!
Let’s see if we can raise it up to $200 by tomorrow night!  Spread the word!





1. When does my money get charged to my account?

At the end of the fundraiser on October 13th at 12am, if the goal has been reached.

2. What happens if you raise less than $800?

No one gets charged and I don’t receive any funding.

3. Do I get anything for contributing money?

Absolutely!  Depending on how much you contribute you can receive:

  • a PDF chapter of the book
  • be included in the acknowledgements
  • an eCopy of the book
  • signed bookmarks, character prints, and a print of the cover image
  • a Women’s Island T-shirt
  • become a character in the book
  • or even get your own short story in the world of Women’s Island



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