Teaser Reveal of Women’s Island

Women’s Island

by AshleyNicole Shelton



Footsteps sound above, freezing the small group in place. In all the time the old woman has escorted the survivors out of the sewers, only once has she heard footsteps above. Turning around she puts her finger to her lips. The Chamberlains understand and don’t make a sound scared to even breathe. As the steps come closer a beeping can be heard, something like that of a metal detector, and Mercy knows just what it’s looking for. Getting the woman’s attention, she points to the wall of the old sewer pipe. The woman shakes her head slowly believing they should stay still. Not being able to control the woman Mercy takes her children by the hand and leads them to the wall. Luke and Christian mimic their mother by pressing their backs against the wall and remaining motionless. The beeping becomes faster and louder until it is right above the old woman.
“Hey, I think I found something,” a man shouts above.
Muffled and sounding a little father away is another man, “Zap it and see what happens.”
“Okay,” the man replies. Electricity shoots down through the concrete like a lightning bolt striking the old woman head on and surrounding her body in a bluish white light. Her body shivers with the electricity flowing through her body holding her upright and her eyes wide open. The children burry their faces into their mother’s arms terrified and sick at the sight of the old woman’s electrocution. Mercy watches, unable to take her eyes off the woman who is supposed to lead them to safety, hanging onto a tread of hope she will survive the attack. Long moments later the electrical attack dissipates and releases its hold on the old woman. Her cold pale body crumples to the ground in a disfigured heap.
“Well?” the muffled voiced man asks.
“Nothing,” the attacker replies, “ it must have been a deranged loner walking around lost. Let’s keep moving.”
Mercy and her children stand against the wall, waiting for the footsteps and beeping to fade away. When they can no longer hear the men Mercy says, “I want you two to hold hands, face the wall, and don’t turn around until I tell you to.”


Image from http://zfein.com/photography/tunnel/index.html


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