Being of the Mist

Writing Challenge
Inspiration: Fog

Lost in a sea of whiteness I wander, feeling the forest floor, damp and alive, under my feet. Leaves and branches grab at my skin letting blood pool to the surface. It drips slowly toward the earth from wounds that have been marked repeatedly. The rusty metallic liquid disturbs my tongue as I lick my lips. How will I ever get out of this merciless forest with it’s suffocating air?

Something catches my foot and I fall to the ground. Pain spikes up my leg, a sign damage has been done. With much struggle, I manage to roll onto my back and sit up. The slightest movement causes agony. Proof that I will not be able to walk on. Looking up for a hint that the forest is reaching it’s end, I shudder when the branches are still not visible.

Suddenly the whiteness begins to move. Condensing into a form before my eyes. Around the being, the mist is thinning and swirling but still hides the forest. The white misty being begins to walk towards me. Scurrying across the dirt as quickly as I can, away from the being, proves to not be enough. A tree ends the path of my escape.

The darkness as I close my eyes is welcoming, safe, and good. Concentrating on the defined black mass beneath my eyelids, I attempt to push the white mist from my thoughts so I can experience my demise in the peace of darkness.

A cold hand lifts my chin, tilting it up in such a way that the misty being must be looking at my face. Another hand caresses my cheek, sending icy trails across my skin making me cold to the bone. In a second, the hands are no longer touching me only to be replaced by arms lifting me from the ground, pulling me to the being’s chest, carrying me like a dead child in it’s frozen touch.

I shudder as the darkness slips away from me when my eyes are forced open by a strange magic.
  My gaze locks instantly with the being. He has pale grey eyes with white light shining from the center. A friendly smile lightens his strong jaw line and a curl of silver hair hangs loosely over his forehead. Muscles toned and bold, show his strength is great. He is beautiful, in a way darkness never could be. How can something so beautiful be so white and so evil? 

The being laughs in a musical way that entrances me even more. He kisses the tip of my nose, then my cheeks. Whispering into my ear I am startled by his deep, enchanting voice, “I am not evil my love. One day, you will learn that there is good and bad in both the darkness and the light.”

He can read my mind?

“Yes, I can my love. And one day, when you are ready, you will too.”

Sharply, I take in a breath startled by his statement. Surely that cannot be true. Me, read someone’s mind? Impossible.

He leans down and whispers into my ear, “You and I are very similar. Now that I have found you, I will never leave you. When you need me the most I will appear by your side to aid you. It is time to heal you and carry you safely from this forest. Then your heart will lead you to where you must go.”

These words confuse me more. Before I can think about their meaning the being presses his lips to mine. A cool sensation flows over my entire body like water. Pain slowly ebbs away. Wounds close, bones stitch back together, and calm settles over me. The being pulls away breaking the kiss and sets my feet back on the ground.

My legs feel of water, giving out beneath me. The being supports my weight, preventing my fall, pulls me against him into another kiss. This time when the sensation of water crashes over me my muscles seem to find their strength, slowly helping me to stand, but he doesn’t let go. My mind tells me to resist, but my body will not comply.

He smiles against my lips and gives me one more short kiss before releasing me, “You are healed my love. I will only kiss you when you are hurt or if you ask me. Go now.  Continue your journey. I will follow, invisible to all eyes, and show myself when you need me. See you soon my love.”

He vanishes before my eyes and with his exit, the whiteness lifts. I am at the edge of the forest.  I can see the road. He didn’t even give me a name. Taking in a breath, I step forward, and continue on.


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