The Kingdom Chronicles: Mark of the Princess — A Review by AshleyNicole

The Kingdom Chronicles

Mark of the Princess

by B.C. Morin



The feisty and determined faerie Princess Alannah is many things, but she never thought she would be the key to her people’s destruction.

Kidnapped for a power she does not yet possess, Alannah finds herself in the clutches of the most malevolent sorcerer of her time. Maligo. Alannah escapes her prison with help from the handsome and stalwart warrior faerie, Brennus.

Now she must cross mountains and forests fraught with rogue faeries, vicious Fae-hating trolls, dangerous shape-shifters, and more to reach the only ones that can help her control her incoming powers. The Elder Faeries.

With Brennus by her side, Alannah is determined to reach the Elder Faeries and save her people. Maligo is just as determined she never makes it that far.


5 of 5 stars — go on an adventure to meet dragons, goblins, soul hunters, and so much more.

Warning: Possible Spoilers to early plot points:

This novel has strong characters, the detail is so great you can see the fae markings, the lands they travel in, and the creatures they come across. With complex personalities you have to really get to know the characters and get the chance every sentence that you read. With love triangles. adventure, magic, and so much more, you will not want to put this book down and when it ends you want to call the author herself and ask her to finish writing the next one so you can read it asap! The beautiful and free-spirited Princess Alannah gets captured by an evil sorcerer. With help from Alannah’s sister and his best friend, Prince Kaleb sets out with them to find her and bring her back. Little did they know she might not need saving when she meets the handsome warrior who was also captured. Together they make an escape and begin traveling together. Before her capture she had grown feels for Kaleb, but now she is getting to know Brennus, the warrior fae, and she is struggling through an internal conflict to understand her own feelings. Read this amazing story, find out if you are Team Kaleb or Team Brennus, go on an adventure to meet dragons, goblins, soul hunters, and so much more.


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