The Dark Gifts: Inheritance — A Review by AshleyNicole

The Dark Gifts


by Willow Cross



When Sarah and Jason Masada received an old house from an aunt they never knew existed, they were grateful for the blessing. Until they discovered the curse that came with being part of the Masada family–a full moon.

Intent on tracing their lineage, they descend into a world of lies, fear, ancient myths, and death. Indian hunters have tracked them to the family compound, Jason is wanted for murders he doesn’t remember committing, and their new-found family is on a mission to kill them. It seems their only hope for survival is to combine forces with two unlikely allies and trek across the globe to the place where it all began. Maybe there they can find a way to end it.


5 of 5 stars — Werewolves like you’ve never known before.

This captivating story will pull you into a supernatural world that is so detailed and unique…you’ll wonder if it’s real! Highly recommended! Don’t forget to enjoy Birthright by Willow Cross to enhance your experience in the supernatural world!

Inheritance is a story about a bother and sister standing by each other in a world that seeks to destroy them. Growing up in foster homes with no knowledge of their family wasn’t easy. But the changes Jason and Sarah Masada go through when they are finally living on their own… They do the best they can to understand what is happening and how to control it. But Jason is haunted by what he may have done and Sarah has a destiny she may not be ready for. With love triangles, a family at war inside and even bigger conflict, will Sarah and Jason be able to not only find themselves, but also follow Fate’s design?

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