Defining Success

I had to share this post. It made me smile and is kind of funny to think about. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

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Naturally, you should be expecting the answer to this conundrum to be something of relative logic, or perhaps even considering the proposal indefinable. What could success possibly be measured in? Money? Happiness? Laughter? Creation?

I can unashamedly reveal to you, that it is none of these things.

Of course, these are all aspects of success, but it is not in these absolute nothings that progress can be defined.

Think back to your early years, as an infant. You sat on little chairs, at dinky desks, scrawling away endlessly. These chairs are somewhat reflective of your person. Dainty, fragile, insignificant… Okay, maybe slightly harsh, but you’ll see where I’m going with this.

Then on to big school. Your chairs and desks have evolved, they have grown in mimic of your very self. It is as though you have evolved. Isn’t it? Of course it is.

This is it. It is the…

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