Building A World…

Despite my super busy schedule and barely any time for planning I have done pretty well and I still consider myself ahead of the game. Hopefully I’ll still feel that way when June 1st gets here (fingers crossed…wait, that will make typing very difficult…) Do you remember that post? The one about that awesome website I heard about for world building? “I’m goin’ places…figuratively speaking of course” I introduced a bit of the trouble I was having with the sci-fi world. Still I admit I am not a pro, but I definitely think I am getting the hang of it and I can see Women’s Island being a success. I’m getting really excited about the JulNoWriMo challenge for this one, my first sci-fi novel. Planning is pretty much top shape for my June novel, The Stealing Wind. That one is ready to overflow but I’m holding back until June 1st. My August novel, The Unique Imitation has a lot of work still to do. I’m changing it a lot from my previous idea and deciding where I really want it to take place. I’d love for it to take place in Australia but I don’t think I have enough time to do all of that research before June 1st.

Overall though I think I am in a great place for planning. There is just under two weeks for me to finish planning. Also I have to get Part Two of The Blind Lily ready for my beta reader so he/she can look it over while I dive into my Novel Insanity Challenge. So, I have lots to do but today I am taking a day off to just enjoy family time and have a break from all the planning, editing, and writing challenges (although, I might post something for you all later…)

Don’t forget to come check out the new design for The Artistic Persuasion and browse the pages ❤

Have a good night everyone,



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