Women’s Island Synopsis

I haven’t gotten very far in my planning for Women’s Island and The Unique Imitation.  Life’s just been crazy busy the past few days.  But I have decided on the main characters names and come up with a book description for Women’s Island.  Thankfully there is still time to plan before June Camp NaNoWriMo begins.  Do you want to see my synopsis?  

Here it is:

The United States has changed so much in the past 18 years.  Women have been stripped of their liberties and life will never be the same for Mercy Chamberlin, mother of two and wife to a loving husband.  She has adapted enough to survive in the new order of things but she hates the world her children are growing up in.  When her husband hears rumors of women in revolt and an underground for women and children to escape through, he convinces Mercy to leave him and promises to find her when the time is right.

Are the rumors true?  Can the women make a difference again?  What part will Mercy play in the revolution to come?  Will her and her husband ever reunite?  Find out in Women’s Island.


I’m really looking forward to writing it.  I’m going to attempt to publish it this October 2012.  I know it seems crazy…okay so maybe it is crazy but I’m going to give it a shot.  It’s a good thing I love writing or all this writing, editing, and revising might seem like 😉


I better get back to planning!  Hopefully I’ll be back soon to post some inspiration boards.


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