The e-Reader House hosted a character segment for Lily and Brad from The Blind Lily <3


Today we meet two of the heros from The Gifted Series: The Blind Lily (Part One) by Ashley Nicole available in ebook from: in paperback from: (UK Readers: 

The characters we are going to meet are Eileen Lillian East (Lily) and Bradley Trinity (Brad). In each case I’ll let them introduce themselves from their own Facebook profiles (yes – these two have their own Facebook presences). Appropriately given the title of the book, we start with Lily. 

Lily East
My name is Eileen Lillian East, but my friends call me Lily. I try to be like everyone else but being a time manipulator that can’t control my power isn’t easy. On top of that, I’m blind thanks to an untimely incident in between timezones. I lost four years of my life and now I am trying to make up for them. I’m back in school, training in self defense, and trying to live my life as normally as possible but it isn’t easy. Luckily I have Brad, my mom, and some great friends to help me get to that point.

Ashley’s view of Lily: 
Lily was easy to think of. Mostly she is written from me and life experiences I’ve been through. But there are aspects to her character that I got from other people. For example, her first name, Eileen, I wrote in memory of my grandmother. Obviously I’m not a special agent and I can’t manipulate time, all of that came out while writing and rewriting. Lily’s profile picture was made specially for me by Aedo Morin and he gave me all the rights to her image. 

You can meet Lily on Facebook at: 

Brad Trinity
My name is Bradley Trinity but everyone calls me Brad. I am training to be a Navy SEAL and currently work for my father, the Head of Special Operations in a secret government facility. I have a gift but so far it isn’t strong enough to be of use, although one day I hope it can be so I can assist the government with more that just my time and effort. I can read minds, but typically what I hear is just snippets and I can only read minds of those who give off strong emotions. Recently I’ve learned how to project my thoughts or images into the minds of those I am closest to but it takes a lot of effort. .

Ashley View of Brad:
Brad is completely fictional. I did have a dream or two about a guy that I based his character on but the dream guy was also fictional. He sort of wrote himself through me. Brad knew where he wanted to go.The image of Brad was a little bit more difficult. I can’t digitally design on my own, I wish I could, so I decided to look at actors’ photos and choose one that looked similar to how I picture Brad. Since I’m not making money from the actor’s picture or publishing it in any of my work I can use it for now as long as I give Jake Gyllenhaal credit, and I do. 

You can meet Brad on Facebook at: 

Ashley’s final comments on the two: 
Lily and Brad have both definitely grown as I wrote about them. I’ve been writing this book for years, as I matured, they did too. Originally I made the Facebook profiles for Lily and Brad for a mock interview I was planing for my fans on my author page. Hopefully I can commission Aedo again once I publish book two and he can design more of my characters. 

Thanks then to all three Lily, Brad and their creator Ashley. My understanding is that we can expect Book 2 of the series in the near future (possibly July but maybe September) and a total of 6 books over the next 2-3 years – so if you’ve not read Book 1 yet – it’s definitely the time to start.

The Gifted Series has a Facebook page: 

Ashley can be contacted on: 


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