Writing Challenge – A Random Object

Writing Challenge Number 3

Inspiration:  A Random Object Lying Around

Ring of Wonder

Life on the island is cut throat.  I don’t know how long I have been here but I do know that it has been over five years.  I eventually stopped counting.  No other people live on the island so I have made friends with some of the lesser animals… the ones who don’t have any interest in eating me.  We live in a home I have built up in the trees and work together to survive.  I do the hunting while my friends do the gathering and keep a look out for predators.  On days like today, when the large beasts are scarce, I have to risk fishing instead.

Secretly I love fishing.  I love how the water feels on my skin, to watch as it rinses away the layers of dirt that cling to me.  The air seems fresher on the water, not tainted by the smells of other creatures or plants.  Calm and quiet, it’s a time where even though I’m alone, I don’t feel lonely.  Fishing out in the open can be a problem however… It leaves me unprotected, unsheltered, and vulnerable in the eyes of the large beasts that hide in the trees and rocks.  But I take the risk, and sometimes I am rewarded with finding something from a far away place, things that do not exist on the island, things that I know come from places where being like me live.

Today… I find one of those things.  It is round, a ring or loop, of fabric like texture.  An item I’ve never seen before.  I almost missed it for it blended in with the rocky shore.  I pull on it and find that it stretches.  Maybe it is a… oh, what was the sling thing called?   Yes, a slingshot!  But, it doesn’t have the handle.  No, it’s too small for that.  Maybe it is one of those jewelry items… a bracelet.  It’s quiet plain for that.  I twist and pull at this elastic ring and force myself to remember my life among humans as a little girl.  Suddenly a long messy curl falls into my face out of my make shift hair holder.  Then I have an epiphany.

This elastic ring of wonder is to tie up one’s hair!  To keep it out of the way!  Yes, I have found myself a hair tie.  A very useful thing indeed.  I will treasure my treasure and use it on important hunts so that my hair will not impede my task.  I look out at the water and smile slightly.  Thank you, whoever dropped this into the ocean that sent it to me.


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