Writing Challenge – Wild Lilac

Writing Challenge

Inspiration: The Paint Color of Paint in your Room

Wild Lilac

My eyes are closed as I lay there with the sun kissing my skin. I hear the wind whisper to the grass as it tickles my ears. Spring is such a wonderful season. It’s warm and beautiful…the definition of happiness personified. Of course spring isn’t really a person is it?

Nature is living and Spring brings on it’s season. The flowers bloom, the trees grow, the air changes. Animals thrive and share the wonders and delight of Spring. Spring is their friend, their time of content. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.

I open my eyes and see the beautiful wild lilac amid the grass, enjoying the sun and drinking in it’s warmth as I am. Their color is peaceful, calming, and pure. Their scent is delicious, simple, and sweet. Their petals are like butterfly kisses against my cheeks.

Yes; Spring is very alive, and it is my truest friend.


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