A Place that I Love

Writing Challenge: A Place that I Love

There is a place where the flowers grow, the wind breezes through the leaves, and the birds nest in the trees.  The sun gives it a golden glow as it touches this hidden garden among the forest of trees.  This place fills you with warmth even as the winter snow blankets everything.  A bench sits on angels shoulders to let one rest a bit, and take in the lovely surroundings that remember a special spirit.  One can see the stone hearts with loving words beneath, the stone that stands in memory of the grandmother that had to leave.  She passed away in 2003, and will forever be remembered by those who keep her in their heart.

Grandma, your garden still grows beautifully, and is still my favorite place.  I still refer to it as The Secret Garden and like to visit it when I can.  I took my son there and told him all about you.  I wish he could have met you but I know you are watching over us.  We love and miss you very much Grandma.


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