NaNoWriMo Update

Hey Readers,

NaNo is going great for me so far.  I am loving it and I have not gotten writer’s block.  My current word count is 21,059 words and I love how my story has taken flight.  The temporary title for my novel is:

Instinct – Book Two of The Gifted Series

Here is my synopsis:



On the rocky shores of Adele Ridge, Maine, Neal Becker feels the most at home. He has lived here his whole life and can’t picture being anywhere else. Neal lives with his mother, Allyson, and his sister Kaylee in a comfortable home that they all work very hard to keep thanks to an absent father. On top of school, work, and family life Neal has to cope with much more pressing matters.

Ever since he can remember Neal has endured pain that can best be described as being ripped apart thread by thread. It is a painful secret he has kept and only his sister knows about it. Neal is a shape shifter. Each transformation is agony. He fights it everyday. The only retaliation he has power over is to ignore the pain and change as often as his strength allows him. Sometimes however, he feels it just isn’t worth the struggle.

Aside from the internal torturer Neal has a mysterious cloaked man threatening to take Neal’s power of transformation along with his life. Using his skills of animal instinct he has been able to protect himself over the years with a little assistance from a higher power but the cloaked man’s patience is running thin.

As if that isn’t enough, Neal is now responsible for a girl his mother found collapsed in the middle of the road. This girl is afraid of everything especially Neal, can’t seem to keep out of trouble, and has not said one word since they’ve met.

Will this girl by the key to Neal’s freedom, or will the cloaked man succeed in his quest of greed?


I hope you like it.  For those of you who are also participating in NaNoWriMo I hope it is going well for you.  If you are a YouTuber check out these two channels in reference to NaNo for great ideas an more updates on my writing:

AshleyNicole Books:



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