2013 in review

Happy New Year AshleyNicole Book Fans!

May this year bring you happiness and prosperity!

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,600 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 27 trips to carry that many people.

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My Son’s an Illustrator

Today my son (2-years-old) found his elf on a shelf, Krackle, reading his Busytown book. He wanted to read his book though. I thought a compromise was in order.
“How ’bout we make Krackle his own book. Do you want to help Mommy make a book?” I asked him.
“Yes,” he said giving Krackle a hug.

Side note: Krackle is a special elf on the shelf that loves hugs. So don’t worry, he won’t lose his Christmas magic.

My son colored four little pieces of paper, his illustrations. Then I folded the paper and stitched it into a book. Finally we added the words (I wrote them and he gave me some words to put in it) and gave it to Krackle. He seems to really enjoy it. So much he can’t stop smiling. It is titled “The Cat and the Elf” about a blue cat named Pepper and a scout elf who become friends on a rainy day.


Loving to read and spell at only the age of two, I wonder if my son will love to write as much as I do. Just incase, I don’t think it’s too early to practice making story books with him 😉 It’s fun for both of us. Plus it doubles as craft time and story time.


Do you have children who are interested in writing? Or maybe you remember writing and illustrating books as a child? How old we’re they/you when they/you wrote their/your first story? What was it called?

Hello December


Hello ANB Fans!

Thank you all for your support. Those here from the beginning of The Blind Lily, to those just now entering the journey of Women’s Island.
May you all have a splendid holiday season!

~ AshleyNicole

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Sweet Love. Yes or No?

Good Morning AshleyNicole Book fans. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the US. For those of you shopping today, be safe. I know it can get a little crazy out there.
Before I start breakfast and get back to Christmas decorating I wanted to update you on some things.
First off, I haven’t forgotten about Women’s Island. Progress is slow going with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season but it is still progress 🙂
In other writing news, I have several new stories thanks to dreamcatch writing in the mornings. That is just more future books you have to look forward to. 🙂

This brings me to my main topic of the day. I’d really love your input on love. Love stories that is. There have been many requests from family, friends, and fans for me to write romance novels. I’m not into all that erotica stuff. I enjoy the simple and deep romantic relationships. Such as holding hands, kissing, and blushing. You know, the sweet stuff.
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There are currently six love stories in my novel stash but I have yet to decide if I will publish them. They are romances without the mature content. If I do ever publish my Sweet Romance novels I’m considering publishing under a pen name because romance even without erotica is definitely set apart from my other genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Epic Fantasy.

Please Comment Your Input. I want your feedback.
1. Do you think I should publish my Sweet Romances in the future?
2. If yes to number 1, do you think I should write under a pen name?

You Should Write A Novel



If you’ve ever wanted to write a novel but never got around to it then you probably wonder how anyone could ever finish a novel. It’s time consuming and has a lot involved but you can do it. To start, you just have to write. No editing, no need to ask friends to read and review it. Just get down your “draft zero” first.  Maybe you need something to help push you to write that novel you’ve wanted to for years. Well, how about writing it in 30 days?



Take a go at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, an annual writing event. 50,000 words in 30 days! But it’s not just November. There is also Camp NaNoWriMo for April, June, and August.  Then there is the unofficial JulNoWriMo for July.  So if November is just too busy for you there is always next spring or summer to give it a go.  But I do encourage all you aspiring writers to give it a go 🙂

My first NaNoWriMo was in 2011 and I reached the 50k on day 29 for book two of The Gifted Series.  This year I am just writing the beginnings of a new fantasy story on the side when I’m not working on Women’s Island edits.  I’m not worried about making the 50K, but it is nice to work on another story a little bit everyday.  Keeps my thoughts flowing as Women’s Island gets closer to publishing.

What story has been asking you to be written?  Go to nanowrimo.org and find out where the story will take you.

The Dreamcatch Writer

the artistic persuasion

Before: The Artistic Persuasion

Last month I posted about a possible name change for my blog, originally “The Artistic Persuasion.”  After thinking about it I decided to change it… and so, I welcome you to my new and improved blog: The Dreamcatch Writer.  Why did I chose this name?  Because I am a self-proclaimed dreamcatch writer.  Below is my definition of of dreamcatch writing.


Dreamcatch writing is what I consider my type of writing to be.  Most of my stories come from my dreams or nightmares.  When I wake up I write down everything I can remember.  Usually I come up with a new story idea right away or think of something to add to a story already in progress.  If I don’t come up with an idea then I save it for later.  So essentially, I catch my dreams in my writing.  I’m sure many writers come up with ideas from dreams they’ve had, but I’ve never heard the term dreamcatch writer before.  Maybe I am the first official Dreamcatch Writer 😉 Or, at least the first to consider myself as one.

I hope you all enjoy the new look of my author site and blog.  Feel free to explore.  There will be more coming soon to my website after the publication of Women’s Island, so be sure to stop by for updates.

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Review of The Fire’s Dawn…

 The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break
by Michael Weber
5 of 5 Stars


Book Description:

The world has sat in darkness for years, but the fires of determination are burning, waiting to be released. The sun has returned and the reign of winter is over. An ancient people are growing in strength and making preparations for the right moment to strike. That moment has come. Their leader, Festero, uses the powerful relics to help secure his twisted domain over all. But hope remains for the emergence of the rival power. Banded together in their bid to overcome the rising threat, it will take the combined effort of all to stop Festero and secure their freedom from tyranny. Who will emerge victorious? The fate of the free world rests in this struggle for power and control: will victory over Festero mean peace, or does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Join the adventure as the story unfolds…

My Review
5 of 5 Stars

“Much to my disappointment, you have all fallen victim, but much to my pleasure you all will learn a valuable lesson today.” ~ The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break by Michael Weber

In a world were the living survive in a constant winter, most have only heard stories of sunlight.  One day a group of hunters spot a break in the clouds, giving way to sunlight that hasn’t been seen in generations.  With haste, a man of the party rushes to their camp, bringing everyone to see the light of the sun. After the group arrives, a girl, Adalina, runs to the light.  She knows the time has come, sharing her knowledge with the camp, of the coming changes to their world.  Of a place they must go, to make a new life where they will prosper.  Of the steps they must make to be safe from the coming Festrousi who would kill and enslave them.

For a captivating story of adventure, magic, and wonder, The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break will not disappoint you.  The characters come to life, the landscapes and structures will appear before your eyes, sounds of battle will reach your ears, and your emotions will change with the mood of the story.  Weber’s writing will mesmerize you in this magical world he has created.  If you love unique stories of magic, kingdoms, love, and adventure, this epic first novel, The Fire’s Dawn in Winter’s Break by Michael Weber, is a must read.

The details in this book kept me from setting it down.  With a love for architecture, building, travel, and a good book, this story really pulled me in.  I adore a book that is so well told I can see it play out around me, as if I am a part of it and Weber does just that.  I’m reading it for the third time and am truly looking forward to the next book in the series.

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